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Review: Yo-kai Watch Yo-kai Medallium & Collection Book Pages

Yo-kai Watch Yo-kai Medallium Collection Book
$14.99 from Toys R Us

Yo-kai Watch Collection Book Pages
$4.99 from Toys R Us

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Yo-kai Medallium


In both the show and the games, Nate has the Yo-kai Medallium to store the medals of all the Yo-kai he befriends. While you might not be befriending Yo-kai, you’re bound to end up with a lot of medals, and now you too have a place to store them! The Yo-kai Medallium is a binder that includes four 12-slot pages to house a total of 48 Yo-kai Medals in total. Also included is a visual checklist of all the Series 1 Blind Bag Yo-kai Medals. The back section of the book in the series has slots for one medal of each tribe, used to summon Legendary Yo-kai. Even this was included as a separate cardboard section you can slot into the binder rings. You also get stickers! Finally, included is a Yo-kai Medal for Kyubi. The Medallium in total retails for $14.99.

The Medallium itself is made out of a nice thick coated cardboard, similar to any other themed trading card binder. While it doesn’t feature nifty graphics, it’s decorated to look similar to the Medallium available in the series and games, and while it takes some liberties, it’s overall a good job. The only flaw is that the binder is only two ring, meaning the bottom and top portions of the pages tend to flop around when turning the pages or standing the book upright on a display. It’s not a huge deal, it’s just something that’s moderately annoying.

The medal pages work just like coin collector pages distributed by Ultra Pro or the like. Slot it in, then fold the upper portion over to secure the medal in place. No risk of things falling out! The checklist is a nice added accessory, and assuming we get one for Series 2, is a nice way to divide your collections. Finally, the Kyubi Medal is really neat, and is also exclusive to this release.

Overall, the Yo-kai Medallium is a must have to those serious about collecting all the Yo-kai Medals. While you can store them in containers, or get coin binders or something that could work, having an actual themed binder with added goodies like the checklist and Legendary summoner slate. These things make it worth hunting down. If it seems the binder is lacking a bit, Hasbro has another thing up their sleeve.

Collection Book Pages


The Yo-kai Medaliium is a little bare bones! What if I have more than 48 Yo-kai Medals? Well like most collection binders, Hasbro has released the Collection Book Pages set. This set includes three additional pages for the Yo-kai Medallium, some special inserts for the Medallium, more stickers, and an exclusive Beetall Medal. The set retails for $4.99.

While the pages aren’t anything new, the special inserts are what make this set worth picking up. The set includes three total inserts. These inserts detail 12 differnet Yo-kai on each page, for a total of 48 between the two labeled inserts. This gives you a picture, tribe symbol, and small data entry on all 44 Yo-kai in the Series 1 Blind Bags, as well as Kyubi, Beetall, Jibanyan, and Whisper to round out the selection. The third insert is similar in design, but features 12 blank entries on each side, for you to write in your own Yo-kai or information for any additional exclusive Yo-kai Medals you may own. These inserts not only make it easy to see what you’re missing, but gives you the name and information on all the Yo-kai you’re going to collect, making it a really neat addition to the Yo-kai Medallium.

While the four pages found in the Yo-kai Medallium are probably enough for the casual collector, dedicated fans will want to pick this set up. Not only do you get enough pages for all the planned Series 1 released medals between the Blind Bags and toys, you get the data sheets that are extremely helpful for organization. Plus, you can’t ignore the exclusive Beetall medal that fans will certainly want to add to your collection.

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