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Review and Demo: DX Benkei Ghost Eyecon (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Benkei Ghost Eyecon
December, 2015 – ¥600

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Next up in our hunt for the Ghost Eyecons is the Benkei Ghost Eyecon! This Ghost Eyecon gives Ghost the spirit of the powerful monk Benkei in the form of the Benkei Damashii. The Ghost Eyecon can cycle through the eye, number, transformation, and attack panels with the push of a button. Additionally, it can be used in the Ghost Driver to activate the transformation sounds for Benkei Damashii. Also included with the Ghost Eyecon is a Ganbarizing card featuring Ore Damashii on the front, and awesome artwork of Benkei Damashii on the back. The set released early December, 2015 for ¥600.

This is honestly some same old, same old stuff going on. The Ghost Eyecons are unfortunately a whole lot of repetition. While sharing a similar function to things like Astro Switches and Shift Cars, each of those gimmicks at least had the benefit of being designed differently. Ghost Eyecons are virtually all the same with a different picture inside, which looses it’s charm after the first few Eyecons. If you love them however, Benkei isn’t out of the norm, and has some neat jingles in the belt to unlock.


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