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Review and Demo: Toucon Souten DX Sunglasseslasher (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Sunglasseslasher (with Goemon and Ryoma Ghost Eyecons)
December, 2015 – ¥6,000

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The main weapon of Toucon Boost Damashii is the Sunglasseslasher, a red sword and gun weapon that has a sunglasses motif, if the name wasn’t obvious. As mentioned, the toy has the ability to switch between sword mode and gun mode via twisting the blade around. By inserting two Ghost Eyecons, the toy can access Omega Shine or Omega Flash depending on whether it’s in sword or gun mode respectively. By inserting a Ghost Eyecon along with the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon, the toy will power up with Mega Omega Shine and Mega Omega Flash attacks instead. The toy includes the Goemon and Ryoma Ghost Eyecons, both of which can be used in the DX Ghost Driver to unlock new transformation noises. It was released in December, 2015 for around ¥6,000.

Let me start by saying I don’t hate the look of the toy. The sunglasses thing is very Go-Busters-esque, and the overall esthetic actually works brilliantly for a device used by a fiery form in a show about eyes. Unfortunately, like most sword related toys, it just sort of falls flat. The sounds themselves are nothing to write home about, with the “Mabushii!” phrase being rather grating on my earholes. I like the transformation between sword and gun being quick and fluid back and forth. I also really like the ability to function with Ghost Eyecons, something I feel is missing from the Gan Gun Saber or Ghost Gadgets.  Unfortunately the unit that holds the Ghost Eyecons, is huge. The chamber to hold them is twice as thick as the rest of the toy, and is just massive compared to the tiny blade and tiny handle. With that being so large, the rest of the toy just looks shrimpy, a problem the Gan Gun Saber doesn’t have. The ability to know whether the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon is inserted is a nice touch, that adds to the playability for those that collect everything. An actual Ghost Eyecon reader for differing attacks would have been icing on the cake, especially at ¥6,000 retail price.

Overall, the inclusion of Ghost Eyecons being a core of the weapon both helps and hinders this toy. If you like what you see, you probably won’t be disappointed, but it’s not particularly a toy that gets my recommendation. The Gan Gun Saber has more functionality and fun right out of the box, and ends up looking a lot better too. Not a fan of this thing.


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