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Review: Shuriken Gattai DX Gekiatsu Daioh (Shuriken Sentai Ninnninger)

Shuriken Gattai DX Gekiatsu Daioh
October, 2015 – ¥8,500

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In usual Sentai game, we get a main robot, the sixth Ranger’s robot, occasionally one additional robot either belonging to the whole team or an additional Ranger, ending with a big robot that brings all or some of them together. Ninninger through a wrench in the formula by releasing their big robot much earlier than October, instead releasing a normal sized robot in that October slot. That robot is Gekiatsu Daioh, a six Otomonin robot formed by Hououmaru (phoenix), Seiryuumaru (eastern dragon), Genbumaru (turtle), Byakkomaru (tiger), Pandamaru (panda…), and Magoimaru (carp). If memory serves, this is our first six robot Sentai mech to be released together to form one singular robot. Gekiatsu Daioh can replace Shurikenjin in Haoh Shurikenjin to form Haoh Gekiatsu Daioh. It was released in October, 2015 for around ¥8,500, depending on where you picked it up.

The individual Otomonin aren’t much to write home about, but I like them. The one thing about Gekiatsu Daioh is that it has a huge sense of unity. Despite belonging to a rainbow of characters, the main robot is mostly made up of blues and oranges as a unifying color. This unity really helps tie the whole thing together in a way that colorful Sentai robots don’t usually achieve. The fact that they’re all animals certainly helps it stand out compared to Shurikenjin’s mash-up of things. The accent colors being the Ranger colors really works as well, to tie the whole thing together. Again, the individual forms aren’t that stellar, but they are still fun, and Gekiatsu Daioh, while being a design that won’t appeal to everyone, really works for me. Haoh Gekiatsu Daioh is exactly what you would expect it to be, with the Otomonin Shuriken sitting on the chest for some added flair. The Otomonin Shuriken is obnoxious.

Overall, while it’s not going to appeal to everyone, Gekiatsu Daioh is actually my favorite mecha in the entire line. It has the classic combination style, a unifying color scheme and design, with an actual theme to it, compared to what Ninninger has delivered in the past. It just works. I picked mine up for around ¥5,000 off Mandarake, and don’t regret it one bit. Highly recommended.

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