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Review: Saikyou Shinobigatana Ninja Gekiatsutou (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

Saikyou Shinobigatana Ninja Gekiatsutou
November, 2015 – ¥5,000

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When there is an upgrade in the series, a new weapon sometimes comes along with it. We’ve had the Gosei Tensword, the Gokai Galleon Buster, the Lioh Blaster, Gabutyra de Carnival, the Daikaiten Cannon. Some were awesome, some weren’t, but at least we could count on the upgrade to bring us something new. The Chouzetsu upgrade gave us a brace…and that’s it. Then comes a new weapon, the Gekiatsutou…a repaint of the Ichibanto with new sounds and a new exclusive NinShuriken, the Shukyouku NinShuriken. With it comes new attacks, new sounds, new features, and a lot of disappointments. It released in November, 2015 for ¥5,000.

The main functions of the toy are pretty basic, with the three buttons all routing to new attacks. In fact, all three of them are different degrees of attacks. The first function will continue to grow in strength as you spin the Shuriken up to four times total to lead up to a “Chou, Chou, Chou Gekiatsu!” attack. The second function is more of a final attack, that doesn’t really add a whole lot. The final is another attack, but can change funciton to “The Takaharu!” and “The Kinji!” which both add phrases of Takaharu and Kinji respectively as you press the trigger. There’s not really a whole lot interesting going on. The NinShuriken itself simply cycles through six different attacks, all with a generic attack sound following it. It LOOKS really cool, but doesn’t really do a whole lot that’s exciting.

Overall, this thing is just a massive dissapointment. While other final weapons were new, and at least had a degree of excitement to them, the Gekiatsutou doesn’t serve much of a purpose. It’s rarely used in the show to an extent that matters, and the included Shuriken has only been used a minimal amount of times. I can just imagine a cannon weapon that required all six NinShuriken to power up, or something cool like that. Instead we got this. I don’t like this.

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