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Review: Deluxe T-Rex Super Charge Zord Armor Ranger (Power Rangers Dino Super Charge)

Deluxe T-Rex Super Charge Zord Armor Ranger
$19.99 at most major retailers

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The Zord Armor line started back in Super Megaforce, and continued on into Dino Charge as a new style of mech suit that could transform into a dinosaur from a robot and house one Ranger figure from the back. The line continues once more into Dino Super Charge. While the earlier designs featured similar base designs, the T-Rex Super Charge Zord Armor throws us a new take on the base design with actual arms, an incredibly stable T-Rex Mode, and a pretty wicked robot. The toy, being held together entirely with Zord Builder ports, is compatible with the Dino Charge Megazord and makes a neat looking formation. Of course, it can be used with the other Megazords as well. Included with the toy is a translucent T-Rex Super Charge Ranger done in the horrible “bike” style of figure. As with the other Zord Armor toys, it retails for $19.99.

The robot mode is where this one shines, especially over the others. You lose the slight bend in the elbow region from those drill arms, but the end result of this toy is arms that actually look like arms. The double T-Rex head looks really nice on the shoulders, and the head design looks neat as well. It even comes with a small sword weapon that will function as the dinosaur’s tail. Transformation into the dinosaur requires you to take everything apart and rebuild, which isn’t a problem considering it’s a Zord BUILDER toy. The dinosaur mode here looks pretty great. The body itself is hollow and not that great to look at, but the overall design works wonders and reminds me a bit of Tyrantrum from Pokémon. The included figure can sort of sit on top of the toy to “drive” the dinosaur, but the Action Hero toys end up working a bit better with hip articulation. The combination with the Dino Charge Megazord (T-Rex Zord really) looks great. Some sort of weird, double T-Rex combo. I know a lot of people won’t like something like this, but the end result just looks really nice to me.

The Zord Armor toys aren’t for everyone, and they’ve overall been rather hit and miss since the line began. This one is probably my favorite yet. The designs of all the modes are nicely done, and this one just feels more like a proper mech suit than the other drill toting models. If you get one Zord Armor, this is currently the one to get. I actually really like it.

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