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Blastoise-EX Red & Blue Collection Opening! | Pokémon TCG

Blastoise-EX Red & Blue Collection
$24.99 at Most Major Retailers


Next in the four part “Red & Blue Collection” is Blastoise, the fully evolved form of Squirtle, the water type starter of the Kanto Region. Like the Charizard-EX Red & Blue Collection before it, the Blastoise-EX set not only gives us four Booster Packs for the limited Generations expansion, but gives us a beautifully sculped Kaiyodo created Blastoise figure, as well as an all new promo art print of Blastoise-EX. While Generations is pretty familiar by now, and the promo is nothing to write home about (though the artwork is stellar), the figure is nothing short of gorgeous. It follows the same “emerging” sort of style that the latest batch of figures have, matching with the Charizard figure really well. Blastoise’s left cannon is fully emerged in water as he leaps from underwater and attacks his foes. It’s definitely really cool, and a must have for any Blastoise fan.

[youtube https://youtu.be/hOJh9p6RLrU]

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