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Manaphy Mythical Pokemon Collection Opening! | Pokemon TCG

Mythical Pokémon Collection – Manaphy
$12.99 at Most Major Retailers



June’s Mythical Pokémon of the month is Manaphy, the seafaring Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region. As with every month, Manaphy has his own Mythical Pokémon Collection release for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The Manaphy collection includes a Manaphy Pokémon Official Pin, an XY115 Manaphy promo card, and two booster packs of the box exclusive Generations expansion. Each collection retails for $12.99 at most major retailers.

The promo is a pretty disappointing, as most of the cards in these boxes are. There’s not even a slightly redeeming factor to it like last month’s Darkrai. The pin as always is gorgeous. Manaphy is present with strong gold outlining, colored detail, and high quality metal. These are some of my favorite things to collect, and I can’t help but love this one too.

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