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Manaphy Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball and Plush Toy Review (Toys R Us Exclusive) | Pokemon 20

Manaphy Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball and Plush Toy
Toys R Us Exclusive
Poke Ball – $14.99
Plush – $16.99

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Manaphy is the Mythical Pokémon of the month for June, and the Seafaring Pokémon from Sinnoh is making a splash with two awesome toy releases in the Pokémon 20 toy line. We’re back to the Toys R Us Exclusive method of release for Manaphy, with both releases surprisingly not getting released half a month early like previous ones did. The Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball retails for $14.99 while the ever cute plush toy retails for $19.99.

The Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball marks our first Pokémon 20 Mythical Pokémon release to include a normal run of the mill Poke Ball. It’s nice to finally have one, and it looks great with the slight perlecesnt finish of the ball. The Manaphy figure that fits inside is absolutely adorable. As always with these releases, the paint is done pretty well, and the perlescent finish makes these pop far beyond normal releases of the Monster Collection figures. It’s just so cute!

The plush is by far my favorite of the plush toys they’ve released in this style thus far. It captures Manaphy and its general happiness perfectly, stands well on its own, and has fun to style hair tentacle things. Hours of fun, really. Manaphy’s design gives it a slew of embroidered design, which makes the plush stand out strong against the otherwise simple releases the past few months. There’s everything to love, and nothing to hate. Just a great plush for the price.

While the plush continue to be terrific, and the Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball figures continue to be over priced, both are nice additions to the Pokémon 20 line up for sure. The plush, as I stated, is probably the best of the bunch so far, and the figure is great too. If you’re a fan of Manaphy, bug the heck out of your local Toys R Us stores to track this down. Good luck in the hunt guys.

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