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Cube Rhinos and Tousai Zyuoh Review | Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Cube Rhinos
June, 2016 – ¥3,900

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The final Zyuoh Cube of Zyuoh The World’s trio is number 9, Cube Rhinos. Unlike previous Zyuoh Cubes, Cube Rhinos actually isn’t a cube! While he still has the Cube number design on the front of his cab, Cube Rhinos is actually a semi-truck style vehicle. The front end is designed in the rhino motif, while the back end is a three-bed trailer that can store Zyuoh Cubes. Without having to worry about transforming into a Cube, Cube Rhinos is much bigger, and acts as the body for Tousai Zyuoh. He was released in June, 2016 for around ¥3,900.

Despite not fitting in with the theme of this mecha line, I like Cube Rhinos a lot. His trailer mode is neat in that it can store Zyuoh Cubes in the three available beds. In the series, Cube Crocodile and Cube Wolf sit in the front and rear beds. However, you can actually store Cubes in the middle bed as well, being capable of storing all the numbered Zyuoh Cubes as it rolls around. While I wish he had a cube mode like the others, I can’t imagine getting him to work right.

Tousai Zyuoh is a really neat robot. While he isn’t really any taller than Zyuoh King or Zyuoh Wild, he has a lot more width to him to make him a lot more of a hulk than the others. The Croc arm looks really neat, to the point I wish some others could be used instead, but none of the others really fit in that slot. You can slot Eagle or Gorilla into the head slot though to get some funny combinations. While he’s not as big as I thought he was going to be, I dig it a lot.

Wild Tousai King is something I’ll touch on in Cube Koumori’s video, but I just want to take a quick minute to say I LOVE IT.

Cube Rhinos is a huge change of pace from the rest of the line, but a breath of fresh air might have been what was needed for people to drop the “OMG CUBES” comments. I love the fact that it’s essentially a cube carrying vehicle. The combinations with Cube Crocodile and Cube Wolf is great, and the Wild Tousai King combination is just a god. A big of a hefty price, but well worth it in my opinion.

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