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52 Steam Siege Pack Unboxing! Booster Box, More Packs, and a Prerelease Kit! | Pokémon TCG

Steam Siege Officially Releases: August 3rd, 2016


Steam Siege is a few weeks away and Prereleases for the next set starring Volcanion have begun. I just got done hosting mine at my local game shop (Gamer’s Gauntlet) and I decided to open up my Staff support for everyone! My judge decided to hop in too and let me open up his packs for you all as well. Also was given one of the extra Prerelease kits from the shop owner to open up! Steam Siege is full of some really interesting cards. It’s hard to tell if anything is going to break into the meta game pre or post Worlds, but it’s an interesting set for sure. Kick back and watch me go through 52 Steam Siege packs!

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