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Ultraman Orb | Ultra Fusion Card Legend Fusion Set Review and Demo

Ultra Fusion Card Legend Fusion Set
July, 2016 – ¥1,300

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To pad out the wait until Ultraman Orb’s third form debuts in the show, the first Ultra Fusion Card Set is the Legend Fusion Set! This set contains six new Ultra Fusion Cards: four Ultra Hero Cards and two Ultra Monster cards. The Legend Fusion Set, as the name suggests, is based around previous Ultra Heroes that were based around Fusion. These include Ultraman Hikari, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, and Ultraman X. Ginga and Victory could fuse to create Ultraman Ginga Victory, Ultraman Victory could fuse with the power of Ultraman Hikari to create Ultraman Victory Knight, while Ultraman X fused with Cyber Monsters (and Ultras) to form new armor. The Monsters included are Gomora and Golza. At ¥1,300, you’re looking at roughly ¥200 a card, which isn’t too bad considering the cost to get a card out of the Ultra Fusion Fight arcade machines.

Each Ultra Fusion Card can be scanned individually in the DX Orb Ring to hear their transformation jingle and their base attack. This set however does unlock a few new fusion possibilities. Ginga and X can be scanned to make Ultraman Orb Lightning Attacker (arguably the best form in the series let’s be honest). Unfortunately this form doesn’t have a unique transformation jingle (it instead does Ginga and X’s jingles back to back) nor does it have a unique attack. It does however say the Lighting Attacker name after being scanned. Ginga and Victory can be scanned together to hear the transformation jingle and attack of Ultraman Ginga Victory. Likewise, Hikari and Victory can be scanned together to hear the transformation jingle and attack of Ultraman Victory Knight! It’s really great that these two past fusion concepts are represented in the DX Orb Ring, even if they’re unrelated to Orb. Finally Gomora and Golza can be scanned together, but are just a series of roars and attacks.

Not only do these cards look cool, I love that they all fit the fusion theme and even reference these fusions in the DX Orb Ring. As someone who skipped out on the later portion of Ginga toys, it’s cool to finally have something to represent these neat forms. I love these card sets and can’t wait to get more.


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