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Ultraman Orb | Ultra Monster DX Maga Basser and Maga Grand King Review

Ultra Monster DX – Maga Basser
Ultra Monster DX – Maga Grand King
July, 2016 – ¥2,000 each

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The Ultra Monster DX series is a series of vinyl figures that are a bit bigger than the standard Ultra Monster Series releases, and cover the more towering monsters in Ultraman lore. Ultraman Orb started off with four unique Ultra Monster DX releases of the “Maga” monsters seen in the first four episodes of the series. Each retails for roughly ¥2,000 a piece. These include Maga Basser the King Demon Beast of Wind, Maga Grand King the King Demon Beast of Earth, Maga Jappa the King Demon Beast of Water, and Maga Pandon the King Demon Beast of Fire. Each release includes an exclusive Ultra Fusion Card of that monster.

Maga Basser is a pretty unique design. The colors used throughout the toy are done nicely, particularly in the yellow gradients with the blue plastic. It features some articulation in the legs, but that is unfortunately it. Maga Grand King is my favorite of the bunch, featuring articulation not only in the legs, but also in the arms including a bicep swivel that most vinyl toys never include. Each mold features a ton of molded details that are unfortunately lost in the lack of paint. For customizers out there, a paint wash would do these guys wonders.

While great vinyl figures, they carry a pretty hefty price tag for something that only features basic articulation and pretty basic paint applications. That being said, for fans of the Ultra Fusion Cards, these are currently the only way to get a hold of these cards which are included in the toy series of cards. Completists will definitely need to pick these up.

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