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Pokemon 20 | Arceus Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball and Plush Review

Arceus Clip ‘n” Carry Poke Ball
GameStop Exclusive – $9.99

Arceus Plush
GameStop Exclusive – $16.99

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August’s Mythical Pokemon of the Month was Arceus. Arceus is the Alpha Pokemon that is said to have created everything in the Pokemon universe. As always, Arceus gets its own Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball figure as well as a plush, both exclusive to GameStop stores in the United States.

The Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball release of Arceus includes a small Arceus Monster Collection figure as well as a Master Ball to carry it in. The Arceus figure is pretty cool, standing decently well despite the nubby legs. The pearlescent finish looks wonderful on the figure, being mostly white and gray, and the Master Ball looks pretty neat with the slight pearlescent finish on it.

The plush is actually excellent. After Darkrai and Shaymin being sub-par at best, I was incredibly surprised at how well done Arceus was. He can stand easily with no wobbly problems, the crushed velvet material works wonders on his rather basic color scheme. Due to the surprise, I have to say Arceus is probably my favorite of the bunch so far.

Huge fans of Arceus will want to get in on this set if you haven’t already. The GameStop exclusive releases are MUCH harder to get a hold of then the Toys R Us exclusives, but hopefully GameStop.com will occasionally restock over the remainder of the year like Mew and Darkrai have seen. While the plush isn’t the best in the universe, having a plush PokeGod is pretty legit.

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