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Detective Pikachu | Figure Multi-Pack Review

Look. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a Pokemon fan. Honestly, more so than any other franchise on the planet. When we first received word via Pidgey that Legendary Pictures was working on a Pokemon movie, I was incredibly excited. The excitement waned when I heard it was Detective Pikachu. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the game, but for that to become our first live-action movie? Needless to say, the trailers (and designs) have more than won me over. There’s no way I could possibly be more excited for this film…until you brought toys into the mix. The TCG has a tie-in set, you can snuggle with some plushes, or adorn your desk with a plethora of realistic critters.

Wicked Cool Toys’ line-up of Pokemon toys is rather diverse, ranging from figure 2-packs, single pack figures, larger battle action figures, figures with Poke Balls, plushes, so on and so forth. Retailers naturally like bigger ticket items, so Wicked Cool often packs some of their 2-packs and single pack toys together in multi-pack releases. Detective Pikachu is no exception, with a $29.99 multi-pack release that throws the entire figure line into one box…except it replaces Mr. Mime with Ludicolo! The box in total combines four $6.99 releases (Pikachu and Psyduck, Pikachu and Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, and Ludicolo), with the small additional cost most likely coming from the fact that the Ludicolo is marketed as an exclusive figure to the set.

The two Pikachu, Psyduck, and Bulbasaur all feature no articulation but have some darn good paint applications and some spot on molded in detail. One Pikachu is in a standing position, while the other is waving, perhaps trying to get Tim’s attention, or waving down Ludicolo for another cup of coffee. Both Pikachu offer a slight bit of artistic liberty with the realistic design but capture the look well. Both bodies feature small fur detailing, particularly noticeable in the tail, with small tufts poking out. Psyduck, despite having quite a terrifying face and oddly lanky arms, also works rather well, with small feather detailing on the body, much like the actual Psyduck model. Bulbasaur worried me a bit, but the actual toy looks wonderful. I would have preferred some more paint on the bulb, but the molded-in detailing (making the bulb sort of look like a head of lettuce) is incredible.

Mewtwo’s design adds a slightly more human proportion to the Pokemon in comparison to the thinner design of the games. Despite being small, the eyes are very well done and the purple to white gradients on the toy are chef’s kiss perfect. Mewtwo features rotations in both shoulders and the middle of the tail. Ludicolo is just perfect. The poncho body design is molded to resemble fur and the brown lines fade into the yellow to add that bit of realism. Ludicolo features articulation in the shoulders. Finally, the individually packed Mr. Mime is, unfortunately, my least favorite of the bunch. I usually like Mr. Mime, and I love the Mr. Mime design seen in the film, but the transition into a toy just didn’t quite hit the mark. It’s unfortunately in some middle space between game Mr. Mime and movie Mr. Mime that just doesn’t quite click and it mostly comes down to missing details, particularly in the red spots and the “hair”. It also has problems standing due to the small feet. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

At the end of the day, while they’re not perfect, for the price, these are wonderful little desk-toy representations of Detective Pikachu designs. Unfortunately, if you are a Ludicolo fan, you might have to splurge for the Multi-Pack, but if you happen to adore Mr. Mime, Mewtwo, or any of the two-packs, the individual purchases might be the way to go. Regardless, I really hope this line continues, because I would love to get more iconic Pokemon in this style such as Snorlax, Snubbull, Jigglypuff, Machamp, and the list goes on. Good job Wicked Cool Toys!

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Power Rangers Playskool Heroes | Red Ranger & T-Rex Zord and Silver Ranger & Wolf Zord Review

Once I caught wind that the Power Rangers toy license was moving to Hasbro, I knew the partnership with Mattel’s Imaginext series was doomed, as Hasbro already had its own preschool orientated toy line in the form of Playskool Heroes. While I always held Imaginext in a tier above Playskool Heroes, the two lines are very similar, so I knew we would be in for some fun, kid-orientated toys. Hasbro delivered not only by making neat toys but by immediately moving past Mighty Morphin and making the line a brilliant anthology series that’s swinging right out of the gate with toys from Mighty Morphin, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge.

The first batch of toys is just starting to hit both online and physical retailers, and while I haven’t been able to find the smaller $7.99 two-packs or the $2.99 blind bags, I was able to find the $12.99 Ranger & Zord two-packs at my local Meijer store. The first assortment includes the Wild Force Silver Ranger and Wolf Zord as well as the Dino Thunder Red Ranger and T-Rex Zord.

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What do you do when your passion isn’t viable?

Of course, I don’t want this to sound like a bit where I’m writing off passion as some sham. That’s certainly not the case. There are plenty of people out there that are able to take their passions and build their life around it. YouTube is full of creators that put so much passion and effort into their work, it shows, and they can live off of that passion. Authors take their passion of writing and turn it into novels, editorials, opinion pieces, etc. Artists and photographers take their passion for art and create beautiful things. Musicians create the music that inspires us each and every day.

But what do you do when you’re at the junction where your passion for one thing has shifted to another, less viable outlet? I am known in the tokusatsu and Power Rangers communities as a YouTube Toy Reviewer. I love doing that sure, but considering my last hiatus was as long as the summer Power Rangers hiatus, it shows that everyone has burnout. During that break, as I mentioned in my last blog post from a couple months ago, my passion for writing had rekindled. I’ve worked on a few private pieces since then, and I’m currently working on something alongside one of my best friends that I can hopefully turn into a really cool piece of fiction soon.

Jumping back to the topic of toys though. I love toys. Always have, always will. When I get a new toy I want nothing but to share it with you all. Unfortunately there are several things that get in the way of that. I don’t currently have a proper set up at home like I did in the past (though that’s entirely on me), the house isn’t always quiet between other people, my small army of pets, the loud furnace, and other such home noises. It’s a trailer. The walls are thin and noise just caries. There’s also my own demons. Despite doing this whole video thing for nearly 10 years now, I STILL don’t feel comfortable recording in the same room as someone, which is an issue when you live with somebody. I’ve overcame it recently, but it’s hard to even have the desire to turn the camera on. Yes, the vlogs I do at things like Toy Fair and PMC are actually incredibly hard for me to do mentally. I know some of you REALLY want to see the Beast Morphers figures, and I really want to share them with you all, but everything I just said still stands.

My last blog post’s title still holds true. “I Want to Write.” I do! I want to write fiction (which I’m working on). I want to write more editorial pieces, opinion pieces, all of it. I would honestly love nothing more than to be able to kick back and write every day for a professional news or journalistic outlet. Most importantly, I want to write for YOU. Yeah, you. I would love to get a new toy, crack it open, hone my photography wee bit, and just write an entire piece about how amazing the Beast Morphers figures are, or how Siege Starscream isn’t nearly as bad as everyone thought he was gonna be.

How viable is that though? YouTube is where the money (even though I don’t get much of that anymore…) is. It’s 2019. The general populous doesn’t want to sit and READ about how good a toy is. They want to hear how good a toy is. SEE how good a toy is in motion. Video killed the radio star? Video also killed the…written word star? Terrible, I’ll move on.

So that’s where I’m at. I want to write about toys. I want to write about how good they are, or how bad they are, or how they’re just sort of okay but if my dog decided to chew its head off I wouldn’t really mind. But I can’t really make a living doing that. My only option to make money is to reopen my Patreon and hope people want to read my written reviews enough to donate some of that cold hard casharoos to me. Hell, if I can even get $300 a month to write I’d be doing better than my YouTube is doing right now. Writing I also feel gives me more opportunities to grow as a career, and more time to get other jobs in the mean time until it can become one. Writing is natural to me. It’s a lot easier for me to spend the time to spew out a piece like this than it is to record, edit, render, and upload a video. I feel like I’m considerably better at it too.

While I haven’t decided what I’m doing, I really wanted to get that off of my chest. This here is what I WANT to do. Would you support it? Is it even viable? That’s what I’m trying to figure out at the moment, and I could really use your input.

Thank you, and as always, thanks for reading, take care, and have a great one! Bye!


I Want to Write

If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, be it for my sales thread, the cool guy lists, or for some reason you want to visit the extremely out of date toy release schedule, you may have notice a huge overhaul. Officially changed to (though will still link back here) and went with an extremely minimalistic design scheme. Geek Each Week, my newer podcast with Long’s Toys is now on the link bar. Give that a listen if you haven’t! Of course, while the new hotness is over at RRR: The Streets on Will’s channel, you can still check out all of our old original recipe RRR episodes at that link.

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Lupinranger vs. Patranger | DX Trigger Machine Crane and Trigger Machine Drill Review

Lupinranger vs. Patranger | DX Trigger Machine Crane and Trigger Machine Drill
May 2018 – ¥1800
Purchased from HLJ

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