I Want to Write

If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, be it for my sales thread, the cool guy lists, or for some reason you want to visit the extremely out of date toy release schedule, you may have notice a huge overhaul. Officially changed to CollectorShuki.com (though ShukuenShinobi.com will still link back here) and went with an extremely minimalistic design scheme. Geek Each Week, my newer podcast with Long’s Toys is now on the link bar. Give that a listen if you haven’t! Of course, while the new hotness is over at RRR: The Streets on Will’s channel, you can still check out all of our old original recipe RRR episodes at that link.

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1Up Box – June, 2016 “Survival” Unboxing


I was contacted by the kind folks at 1Up Box to become a 1Up Box Ambassador and show you guys what 1Up Box is all about! 1Up Box is a subscription box service that began in September, 2014 in a style that is very similar to Loot Crate, priding themselves as “a distributor that offers something remarkable, something creative, and something unique in which all geeks and gamers can fancy.” With a name like 1Up Box you would expect a focus on gaming, but the boxes have shown that 1Up Box plans to take gaming as a core, and give it a bit of a pop culture spin. Each 1Up Box is only $12.92 plus $6 shipping and handling. Boxes can also be subscribed to in three month and six month plans for added savings. Each Box is promised to include over $30 of merchandise totaling 4-6 items on average. Plus an exclusive shirt is always included! As mentioned, each month will follow a particular theme at the core.

Subscribe to 1Up Box here!

Contents of June, 2016’s box, as well as my unboxing video are after the jump.

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