Power Rangers Megazord List

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1:

  1. DJS Megazord
  2. DS Dragonzord
  3. S Titanus

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S2:

  1. DJS Red Dragon Thunderzord
  2. DJS Thunderzord Assault Team
  3. DJS Tigerzord
  4. D Tor the Shuttlezord

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S3:

  1. DJS Ninja Megazord
  2. DJS Falconzord
  3. D Shogun Megazord
  4. JS Ninjor
  5. DJ Titanus

Power Rangers Zeo:

  1. DJ Zeo Megazord
  2. DS Red Battlezord
  3. J Pyramidas
  4. DS Super Zeo Megazord
  5. DS Warrior Wheel
  6. DS Auric the Conqueror

Power Rangers Turbo:

  1. DJ Turbo Megazord
  2. S Robo Racer
  3. D Artillatron
  4. DJ Rescue Megazord

Power Rangers in Space:

  1. DJS Astro Megazord
  2. Delta Megazord
  3. D Mega Voyager
  4. DS Mega Winger

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy:

  1. D Galaxy Megazord
  2. Torozord
  3. Centaurus Megazord
  4. D Stratoforce Megazord
  5. Zenith Megazord

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue:

  1. Lightspeed Megazord
  2. D Super Train Megazord
  3. D Max Solarzord
  4. D Omega Megazord

Power Rangers Time Force:

  1. D Time Force Megazord
  2. Shadow Winger
  3. DS Quantasaurus Rex

Power Rangers Wild Force:

  1. D Wild Force Megazord
  2. D Kongazord
  3. Predazord
  4. D Isis Command Megazord
  5. Ultimus Megazord
  6. S Animus Megazord
  7. Red Lion Wild Zord

Power Ranger Ninja Storm:

  1. D Storm Megazord
  2. Storm Lightning Megazord
  3. D Thunder Megazord
  4. Samurai Star Megazord

Power Rangers Dino Thunder:

  1. D Thundersaurus Megazord
  2. D Dino Stegazord
  3. DS Dino Zord Set
  4. Mezodon Megazord
  5. Blizzard Force Megazord

Power Rangers S.P.D.:

  1. D Delta Squad Megazord
  2. D Delta Command Megazord
  3. D Omegamax Megazord
  4. D S.W.A.T. Megazord

Power Rangers Mystic Force:

  1. DS Titan Megazord
  2. DS Solar Streak Megazord
  3. DS Manticore Megazord
  4. DS Steedergon Fury Megazord

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive:

  1. D Drive Max Megazord
  2. DualDrive Megazord
  3. Flashpoint Megazord
  4. BattleFleet Megazord
  5. Sentinel Zord

Power Rangers Jungle Fury:

  1. D Jungle Pride Megazord
  2. S Jungle Master Megazord
  3. Rhino Steel Megazord

Power Rangers RPM:

  1. DS High Octane Megazord
  2. S Valvemax Megazord
  3. S Mach Megazord
  4. S Paleomax Megazord

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010:

  1. DS Megazord
  2. Titanus

Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai:

  1. DS Samurai Megazord
  2. DS Beetlezord
  3. DS Swordfishzord
  4. DS Tigerzord
  5. DS Octozord
  6. DS Samurai Clawzord
  7. DS Sharkzord
  8. DS Bull Megazord
  9. DS Little Clawzord
  10. DS Lightzord
  11. DS Scorpion Creature

Power Rangers Megaforce:

  1. DJS Gosei Great Megazord
  2. DJS Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle
  3. DJS Land Brothers Zord Vehicle
  4. DJS Sky Brothers Zord Vehicle
  5. DJS Sea Lion Blue Ranger Cycle (Ultra Change Zord)
  6. DJS Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle
  7. DJS Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle
  8. DJS Lion Mechazord
  9. S Gosei Jet
  10. DJS Ultra Red Ranger Zord Vehicle
  11. DJS Ultra Blue Ranger Zord Vehicle
  12. DJS Gosei Ultimate Megazord

Power Rangers Super Megaforce:

  1. DS Legendary Megazord
  2. DS Mystic Dragon Zord
  3. DS Delta Runner Zord
  4. DS Zeo Racer Zord
  5. DS Wild Force Red Lion
  6. S Lost Galaxy Cycle
  7. S Lightspeed Rescue Cycle
  8. S Time Force Cycle
  9. DS Q Rex Megazord
  10. DS Minizord
  11. S Turbo Cycle
  12. S Operation Overdrive Cycle
  13. S Jungle Fury Cycle
  14. DS Turbo Falcon Megazord

Power Rangers Dino Charge:

  1. DJS Dino Charge Megazord
  2. DJS Para Zord
  3. DJS Raptor Zord
  4. DJS Ptera Charge Megazord
  5. DJS Pachy Zord
  6. DJS Ammonite Zord

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge:

  1. DJS Ankylo Zord
  2. DJS Deinosuchus Zord
  3. DJS Plesio Charge Megazord
  4. DJS Spino Zord
  5. DJS Black T-Rex Zord
  6. DS Special Edition Dino Charge Megazord

2 thoughts on “Power Rangers Megazord List”

  1. Well for starters Shuki owns the Season 1 version, while Dosm and I own the Season 3 version. Seriously though, the Season 3 version comes with the Dragonzord chest piece that sits in the front when the Ultrazord/Ninja Ultrazord/Shogun Ultrazord is formed. For some reason they used that piece (and Titanus for that matter) over again for Season 3 and needed a way for people without a Dragonzord to get it to form a proper Ninja/Shogun Ultrazord.

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