Power Rangers MegaBloks Micro Figure List

Below is a list of all currently released and known to be made Micro Figures from MegaBloks for the Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai line.

Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai

Training Mode/Civilian

Red (Series 1)
Blue (Series 3)
Green (Series 1)
Yellow (Series 2)
Bulk (Series 2)

Samurai Mode

Red (LionZord)
Blue (DragonZord)
Green (BearZord)
Yellow (ApeZord)
Pink (Series 3)
Gold (ClawZord)

Translucent Red (Series 1)
Metallic Red (Series 2)
Battle Damaged Red (Red Ranger Showdown or Series 3)
Battle Damaged Blue (Series 1)
Metallic Blue (Series 3)
Metallic Gold (Series 1)
Battle Damaged Gold (Series 2)
Translucent Gold (Series 3)

Mega Mode

Red (Red Hero Pack 1)
Blue (Series 2)
Green (Green Hero Pack)
Yellow (Series 3)
Pink (Series 1)
Gold (Gold Hero Pack)
Translucent Red (Series 2)

Super Samurai Mode

Red (Samurai HQ Battle)
Blue (Battle Pack I)
Green (Series 2)
Battle Damaged Red (Battle Pack II)
Battle Damaged Blue (Blue Ranger vs. Xandred)
Translucent Blue (Series 2)
Battle Damaged Green (Samurai HQ Battle)

Super Mega Mode

Red (Red Hero Pack 2 or TRU Samurai Megazord)
Blue (Blue Hero Pack or TRU Samurai Megazord)
Green (Battle Pack II or Series 3)
Yellow (Yellow Hero Pack)
Pink (TRU Samurai Megazord)
Gold (TRU Samurai Megazord)
Solid Red (Series 2)
Translucent Red (Series 3)
Translucent Gold (Battle Pack I)
Solid Gold (Series 3)

Shogun Mode

Red (Claw Armor Megazord)


Master Xandred (Blue Ranger vs. Xandred)
Master Xandred (Battle Pack I)
Mooger (Series 1)
Mooger (Samurai HQ Battle)
Mooger (Battle Pack II)
Flying Mooger (Series 2)
Flying Mooger (Battle Pack I)
Deker Human Form (Series 1)
Deker (Red Ranger Showdown)
Translucent Master Xandred (Samurai HQ Battle)
Translucent Deker (Battle Pack II)
Translucent Mooger (Series 3)


Claw BattleZord (Claw BattleZord vs. Mooger)
Giant Mooger (Claw BattleZord vs. Mooger)

Power Rangers Megaforce

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