Dosm Sales

Welcome to my sales! These are some odds and ends from my collection that need to find a new home, here are the guild lines for my sales.

-Send an email to Let me know what items you want, or if you have any questions.

-All sales are first come first serve, if a deal falls through the item will go to the next person that wanted it.

– I will offer a discount depending on how many things you buy.

-I am willing to negotiate within reason.

-If you want any pictures just ask I am happy to provide, all figures were reviewed and then displayed and are all in great condition. Some boxes may have some wear.

-I will try to ship as often as I can.

– Most shipping will be done with USPS Priority Shipping.

-I will ship internationally, although be warned the process will take a bit longer and shipping costs will be higher.

– I only accept payments via Paypal.

-Keep Checking back as I will add items sporadically as I find their necessary boxes.

Ranger Keys:

Ranger Key Set 04- $10

Wizard Rings

 Ring Set 01- $9

Super Sentai S.H.Figuarts 

Super Akiba Red Gold Mode- $46

Kamen Rider S.H.Figuarts:

Kamen Rider The First:

Kamen Rider Ichigo THE FIRST Ver. – $35

Kamen Rider Nigo THE FIRST Ver. – $35

Kamen Rider The Next:

Kamen Rider Nigo THE NEXT – $35

Shocker Rider THE NEXT – $35

Kamen Rider: Showa 

Kamen Rider Ichigo – $35

Kamen Rider Nigo – $50

Kamen Rider Amazon – $55

Kamen Rider Stronger – $37 (small lightning effect piece is broken off, hardly noticeable.)

Skyrider – $30

Kamen Rider Black (old version) – $20

ZX- $35

Kamen Rider Faiz:

Riotrooper – $25

Kamen Rider Kabuto:

Zectrooper (Tamshii Web exclusive)- $25

Zectrooper Shadow – $15

Neotrooper (Tamashii Web Exclusive)- $25

Kamen Rider W

LunaTrigger – $45

Heat Set – $40

Luna Set – $40

CCJJ Set (Tamshii Web Exclusive) – $50

Nasca – $40

Weather – $40

Kamen Rider W CycloneJokerGoldXtreme (Tamashii Web Exclusive) – $50

Kamen Rider Fourze

Fourze Fire States – $15

Fourze Magnet States – $25

Fourze Cosmic States – $25

Meteor Storm – $25

Scorpion Zodiarts – $25

 Tiger & Bunny:

Rock Bison $20

Origami Cyclone $20

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