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Vlog: Do What Makes You Happy!

I know it’s a bit long, but I urge everyone to watch the full vlog. There will be quite a few changes to the channel in terms of topics covered, what I buy, and what I do. I was always told in my life to do what makes you happy, and that’s what I’m going to do. Right now, Pokémon is my life and Pokémon is what makes me happy, it always has. While toku isn’t going away, and Power Rangers CERTAINLY isn’t, expect a copious amount of Pokémon on the channel this year.

Barring any weird postal errors, Zyuohger toys should be here in a few days, so expect the Zyuoh Changer and Zyuoh King at the end of this week! Hype!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq8BrCjLzsM]


From OkinawamToySeller:
• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Chaser
• S.H.Figuarts – Omegamon (Our War Game)
• Yuichien Magazine with Pythagoras Ghost Eyecon
• Pokémon Mega Stone Plus 02 (Gashapon)
• Pokémon Kalos Badge Collection (Gashapon)

From AmiAmi:
• Nendoroid – Kirby
• Nendoroid – Mega Man
• Transformers Masterpiece – Ironhide


Review: Rockman – Kotobukiya Full Action Plastic Kit

Let me say this to start. I love Mega Man. I didn’t ALWAYS love Mega Man. As a child I found the games difficult, so I didn’t particularly find them fun. Once I developed a brain larger than a walnut, I found out that they can be quiet fun, and fell in love with the franchise. Except ZX, and the Battle Network “line” bored me after time too. But the classic Blue Bomber is where it’s at. The X games might be more “challenging” but the classics are easily my favorites. It’s been a while since Rockman as he is known in Japan has had a really good toyline, but finally Kotobukiya has come to the rescue. Kotobukiya is famous for their model kits, and they finally decided to bless Rock with a line of his own. First up is of course, the Blue Bomber himself.

The kit comes in those plastic plate like holder things like all model kits do. You might want to have either clippers or sandpaper handy to get even cuts or to sand down the access plastic when you pop the pieces off. Building is rather easy. Just follow the instructions and you should be good to go. I only made one mistake, and that’s because I am dumb. I am very dumb, fo real. If building goes without a hitch, you should have a fully built Mega Man, requiring no paint at all.

The only massive details missing are the red dots on his feet, and supposedly the collar is supposed to be a dark blue. Everything else is dead on accurate. The set does come with decals. When I mean decals, I mean decals. You need to cut them out and water them down to stick them to the plastic. It’s very annoying. Because of this, my E-Tank is still just a tank. Anyway, he comes with two blank eyes, and multiple sets of eyes so you can position them in various ways. I prefer the one that came with it to be honest.

Speaking of accessories, he comes with two sets of hands: fists, and holding hands. He also comes with a Mega Buster shot, and a charged Mega Buster shot. He also comes with multiple faces, a serious face, an angry face, and a super happy face. Lastly, he comes with an E-Tank that can fit in either of his two holding hands. If you count it, he comes with his Mega Buster, which can fit on either the left or right arm by pulling it off and switching it. Not that complicated.

Lastly, sculpt and articulation are awesome. This thing really has the articulation of Figuarts while still being an easy to assemble model kit. It’s kind of amazing really, as I never built this good of model kits. All the faces and eyes are instantly Rock. The transparent red jewels used on his helmet and buster are a nice touch as well. Everything about this kit is just perfect. Despite the few patches that are miscolored or unpainted, I can’t stop posing and playing with it. As a Mega Man fan, this is simply a must have.

Overall, the first Rockman release is incredible. He was quite easy and fun to build, and the poseability is just fantastic for a model. I have some problems with limbs coming out, and his head popping off, but outside of that, the detail and articulation is perfect. To me, this is the definitive Mega Man/Rockman figure to get. If you’re a fan, I see no reason to skip this up. Roll is the next release in December, followed by Proto Man/Blues in January. Stay tuned for those!

Check out a photo gallery of Rockman here:


V-Log: I got shit in the mail.

Dosm was really late on the title, so enjoy this crappy one I made up. I got shit in the mail! Today arrived my epic September AmiAmi box part one! Part two will get here…sometime. It’ll at least have the Medal Box in it, hopefully a Faiz too. Hopefully. This one however, contains a lot of epic shit! We have the Rider Goods Collection 2010, featuring the T2 Joker Memory, Kotobukiya’s Mega Man Model Kit, a Robot Damashii KMF, two Figuarts, and a DS game of epic proportions.

09-24-10 HaulFrom AmiAmi:
• Nintendo DS – Pokémon Black
• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider G3
• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider 1 (The First Ver.)
• Robot Damashii – Guren Flight Type
• Kotobukiya – Mega Man Model Kit
• Rider Goods Collection 2010 with T2 Joker Memory

Let’s see…coming soon I have a package from RiderProxy with the Gashapon Vol. 1 of O-Medals. From CSToys I have Robot Damashii Eva-00, and S.H.Figuarts Nasca and SkullBoilder. Lastly, once it is released, AmiAmi will be shipping me a box of Candy Toy Vol. 1 of O-Medals. Hopefully with a Faiz. Still need him. 😦


Haul: 03-09-10

I never got a chance to mention this, as my CSToys package hasn’t gotten here, so no V-Log yet from me. Sunday, Amazon had the Capcom “Official Complete Works” books down to $15! A great deal on their already low price of $27, a deal on the standard retail of $40. Anyway, being the obsessive Mega fan I am, I picked up Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Works, then I went and picked up Mega Man Megamix Volume 1 while I was at it. THEN I love Okami to death and back, so I picked up Okami Official Complete Works too.

While out and about today I picked up Transformers Animated Activators Soundwave, and grabbed the free Monster Hunter Tri demo disc from Gamestop.

03-09-10 Haul
03-09-10 Haul

From Amazon.com:
• Mega Man Official Complete Works ($14.99)
• Mega Man X Official Complete Works ($14.99)
• Okami Official Complete Works ($14.99)
• Mega Man Megamix Vol.1 ($9.32)

From Walmart:
• Transformers Animated: Activators Soundwave ($5.00)

From Gamestop:
• Monster Hunter Tri demo disc (Free)