Toy Release Schedule

This list currently contains release dates for most Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Tamashii Nations products. If there’s a line you’d like to see on the list, please let me know!

Tamashii Nations Release Calendar
Bandai Release Calendar


18 thoughts on “Toy Release Schedule”

  1. It’s nice to see your beautiful Toy Release Scedule is still on your site. I was missing it when RRR shut down T_T.

    1. I’ll see if the crew at Herotaku want to use it or not, but it will always be here and updated on my blog. 🙂

  2. Can you add when the Figuarts of Sailor Moon will be released? And any further Sailor Moon Figuarts news.

    1. No dates have been announced yet, not even a release month. I only put up the items that have a month of release announced. I put up all S.H.Figuarts regardless of brand, so she (hopefully they) will be there whenever a release month is announced.

  3. I have a question. Are Tamashii Web exclusives usually released near the beginning of the month that’s scheduled or somewhere near the end? Or does it vary?

    1. Tamashii Web Exclusives are always shipped around the last few days of the month, usually around the 25th or so. I don’t remember any Tamashii Web Exclusives that were released in the early or mid portions of the month.

  4. Please check out the “Cool Guy List” for the Zyudenchi. It’s under construction, but that information is there. 🙂 Mobuckle is Deinosgrander and Zandar Thunder is Futabain. As you said already, the Changer is another Pteragordon.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up!

      Great reviews by the way man – BTW I hafta thank you for inspiring me to complete my Buster Machines collection & picking up the Mewtwo & Charizard D-Arts!

  5. few questions i wanna ask first. The Kamen Rider Wizard Premium Wizard Ring Legend Rider Selection, what rings are in it? as for my seconed question the Kamen Rider Wizard WAP! Kamen Rider Wizard Special Rush is this gonna be a something u can only get liveing in japan or should HLJ or Cstoys have it?

    1. Decade, Diend, W, Accel, OOO, Birth, Fourze, Meteor, Wizard, Beast. It’s on numerous news sites and Premium Bandai if you want to see pictures. As stated by being a Premium Bandai Exclusive, it won’t be available at normal retailers. HLJ never stocks any Premium Items. CSToys does, but due to the poor sales of the WAP! line, I don’t think they’re getting any.

    1. An exclusive to Tamashii Web Shop, the section of Premium Bandai that sells Tamashii Nations products.

  6. Do you plan to Review the rest of the LVUR series? It’s been a long time…

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