Haul: 04-25-13

Huge thanks to Mr. S for agreeing to switch up our work agreement so that I can get some new toys. I have the pleasure of receiving Pteraidenoh (complete with the first release Deboss-In Ver. Zyudenchi) along with a used Leon Laser for use in my Megaforce reviews. The Leon Laser didn’t have the card, and is pretty beat up, so I might have to go hunt down a boxed version later, but it’ll do for what I need it to do soon! There is a chance Pteraidenoh might go up in place of the Hot Wheels on Friday, I haven’t quite figured it out yet. We’ll have to see how fast I can work tomorrow! This should be it in terms of boxes until my AmiAmi/Oki box gets here. AmiAmi already wants my money but I still need various Kyoryuger and Wizard toys before they’re allowed to send stuff out. Hope I manage to get em all.

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

04-25-13From CSToys International:
• Kyoryuger – Kaminari Henkei DX Pteraidenoh
• First-Release Pteragordon Zyudenchi (Deboss-In Ver.)
• Goseiger – Leon Laser


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