Ranger Key List

A new Sentai and a new gimmick! Yay! And by “Yay,” I mean, “Oh God, we’re about to spend an ass load of money and kill our bank accounts for little pieces of Japanese plastic!” So here we have a list of the keys made into the shapes of all Rangers ever, and since they’re apparently pretty hard to come by, we say to you all Jama suruze, Chikyujin domo! (Stay out of our way, Earthlings!)

Deluxe Keys:

Roleplay Items:

  1. DJS Gokai Red (R-001) (Mobairates)
  2. DJS Shinken Red (R-179) (Mobairates)
  3. DJS Go-On Red (R-172) (Mobairates)
  4. DJS Gokai Green (R-003) (Gokai Buckle)
  5. DJS Gokai Pink (R-005) (Gokai Buckle)
  6. DJS Gokai Blue (R-002) (Gokai Gun)
  7. DJS Gokai Yellow (R-004) (Gokai Saber)
  8. DJS Gokai Silver (R-006) (Gokai Cellular)
  9. DJS Dragon Ranger (R-085) (Gokai Spear)
  10. DJ Go-On Gold (R-177) (Machalcon)
  11. Gokai Red (Metallic) (R-001) (Gokai Galleon Buster)
  12. DJS Ninja Red (R-092) (Treanger Chest)
  13. DJS Aka Red (R-209) (Legend Mobirates)

Key Set 1:

  1. DJS Geki Red (R-167)
  2. DJS Deka Red (R-148)
  3. DJS Magi Red (R-155)
  4. DJS Gao Red (R-131)
  5. DJS Vul Eagle (R-027)

Key Set 2:

  1. DJS Go Red (R-120)
  2. DJS Ryu Ranger (R-086)
  3. DJS Aba Red (R-143)
  4. DJS Bouken Red (R-161)
  5. DJS Ginga Red (R-114)

Key Set 3:

  1. DJS Aka Ranger (R-007)
  2. DJS Ao Ranger (R-008)
  3. DJS Ki Ranger (R-010)
  4. DJS Momo Ranger (R-011)
  5. DJS Mido Ranger (R-009)

Key Set 4:

  1. DJS Battle Japan (R-017)
  2. DJS Tyranno Ranger (R-080)
  3. DJS Red Racer (R-103)
  4. DJS Hurricane Red (R-137)
  5. DJS Gosei Red (R-185)

Key Set 5:

  1. DJS Gold Anchor Key (R-GAK)
  2. DJS Magi Shine (R-160)
  3. DJS Deka Break (R-153)
  4. DJS Shurikenger (R-140)
  5. DJS Shinken Gold (R-184)

Key Set 6:

  1. DJS Go-On Red (R-172)
  2. DJS Go-On Blue (R-173)
  3. DJS Go-On Yellow (R-176)
  4. DJS Go-On Green (R-175)
  5. DJS Go-On Black (R-174)

Key Set 7:

  1. DJS Shinken Red (R-179)
  2. DJS Shinken Blue (R-180)
  3. DJS Shinken Pink (R-183)
  4. DJS Shinken Green (R-181)
  5. DJS Shinken Yellow (R-182)

Key Set 8:

  1. DJS Gosei Red (R-185)
  2. DJS Gosei Pink (R-189)
  3. DJS Gosei Black (R-187)
  4. DJS Gosei Yellow (R-188)
  5. DJS Gosei Blue (R-186)

Key Set DX:

  1. DJS Gokai Red (Metallic) (R-001)
  2. DJS Gokai Blue (Metallic) (R-002)
  3. DJS Gokai Yellow (Metallic) (R-004)
  4. DJS Gokai Green (Metallic) (R-003)
  5. DJS Gokai Pink (Metallic) (R-005)

Key Set SP:

  1. DJS Spade Ace (R-012)
  2. DJS Denji Red (R-022)
  3. DJS Goggle Red (R-030)
  4. DJS Dyna Red (R-035)
  5. DJS Red One (R-040)
  6. DJS Change Dragon (R-045)
  7. DJS Red Flash (R-050)
  8. DJS Red Mask (R-055)
  9. DJS Red Falcon (R-060)
  10. DJS Red Turbo (R-065)
  11. DJS Five Red (R-070)
  12. DJS Red Hawk (R-075)
  13. DJS Oh Red (R-097)
  14. DJS Mega Red (R-108)
  15. DJS Time Red (R-125)

Key Set Sun Vulcan:

  1. DJS Vul Eagle (R-027)
  2. DJS Vul Shark (R-028)
  3. DJS Vul Panther (R-029)

Key Set Gaoranger:

  1. DJS Gao Red (R-131)
  2. DJS Gao Yellow (R-134)
  3. DJS Gao Blue (R-132)
  4. DJS Gao Black (R-133)
  5. DJS Gao White (R-135)

Key Set Go-Busters:

  1. DJS Red Buster (R-210)
  2. DJS Blue Buster (R-211)
  3. DJS Yellow Buster (R-212)

Key Set Hurricaneger:

  1. JS Hurricane Red (R-137)
  2. JS Hurricane Blue (R-138)
  3. JS Hurricane Yellow (R-139)
  4. JS Kabuto Raiger (R-141)
  5. JS Kuwaga Raiger (R-142)

Key Set Boukenger:

  1. JS Bouken Red (R-161)
  2. JS Bouken Black (R-163)
  3. JS Bouken Blue (R-162)
  4. JS Bouken Yellow (R-164)
  5. JS Bouken Pink (R-165)

Key Set Dekaranger:

  1. DJS Deka Red (R-148)
  2. DJS Deka Blue (R-149)
  3. DJS Deka Green (R-150)
  4. DJS Deka Yellow (R-151)
  5. DJS Deka Pink (R-152)

Key Set Gekiranger:

  1. DJS Geki Red (R-167)
  2. DJS Geki Yellow (R-169)
  3. DJS Geki Blue (R-168)
  4. DJS Geki Violet (R-170)
  5. DJS Geki Chopper (R-171)

Key Set Go-Busters 2:

  1. DJS Beet Buster (R-219)
  2. DJS Stag Buster (R-220)
  3. DJS Beet J. Stag (R-221)

Key Set Abaranger:

  1. DJS Aba Red (R-143)
  2. DJS Abare Blue (R-144)
  3. DJS Abare Yellow (R-146)
  4. DJS Abare Black (R-145)
  5. DJS Abare Killer (R-147)

Key Set Magiranger:

  1. DJS Magi Red (R-155)
  2. DJS Magi Yellow (R-158)
  3. DJS Magi Blue (R-156)
  4. DJS Magi Pink (R-159)
  5. DJS Magi Green (R-157)

Key Set Kamen Rider OOO:

  1. JS Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa Combo (R-208)
  2. JS Kamen Rider OOO GataKiriBa Combo (R-216)
  3. JS Kamen Rider OOO RaToraTa Combo (R-215)
  4. JS Kamen Rider OOO SaGoZou Combo (R-218)
  5. JS Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDor Combo (R-213)
  6. JS Kamen Rider OOO ShaUTa Combo (R-214)
  7. JS Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra Combo (R-217)

Candy Toy:

Volume 1:

  1. Gokai Red (R-001)
  2. Gokai Blue (R-002)
  3. Gokai Green (R-003)
  4. Deka Red (R-148)
  5. Magi Red (R-155)

Volume 2:

  1. Gokai Silver (R-006)
  2. Anchor Key (R-GAK)
  3. JS Gosei Knight (R-190)
  4. Gao Silver (R-136)
  5. Tyranno Ranger (R-080)

Volume 3:

  1. Go-On Red (R-172)
  2. Hurricane Red (R-137)
  3. Aka Ranger (R-007)
  4. J Abare Killer (R-147)
  5. Dragon Ranger (R-085)

Volume 4:

  1. Go-On Gold (R-177)
  2. S Go-On Silver (R-178)
  3. Spade Ace (R-012)
  4. J Tricera Ranger (R-081)
  5. Geki Blue (R-168)

Volume 5:

  1. DJ Clover King (R-014)
  2. D Vul Shark (R-028)
  3. DJ Abare Black (R-145)
  4. DJ Bouken Blue (R-162)
  5. DGeki Violet (R-170)

Legend Series Volume 1:

  1. Red Buster (R-210)
  2. Go-On Wings (R-177)
  3. Gosei Knight (R-190)
  4. JS Deka Master (R-154)
  5. Big One (R-016)

Legend Series Volume 2:

  1. Beet Buster (R-219)
  2. Stag Buster (R-220)
  3. Magi Shine (R-160)
  4. J Time Fire (R-130)
  5. J Denji Blue (R-023)

Legend Series Volume 3:

  1. Beet J. Stag (R-221)
  2. JS Gokai Christmas (R-001)
  3. JS Shinken Red (Karru) (R-179)
  4. J Time Blue (R-126)
  5. J Mammoth Ranger (R-082)


Volume 1:

  1. J Gokai Red (R-001)
  2. J Gokai Blue (R-002)
  3. J Gokai Yellow (R-004)
  4. J Gokai Green (R-003)
  5. J Gokai Pink (R-005)
  6. J Bouken Red (R-161)
  7. J Magi Red (R-155)
  8. J Deka Red (R-148)
  9. J Aba Red (R-143)
  10. J Gao Red (R-131)
  11. J Go Red (R-120)
  12. J Ginga Red (R-114)
  13. J Ryu Ranger (R-086)
  14. J Five Red (R-070)
  15. J Red Mask (R-055)
  16. J Goggle Red (R-030)

Volume EX:

  1. J Gokai Red (R-001)
  2. J Gosei Red (R-185)
  3. J Magi Red (R-155)
  4. J Deka Red (R-148)
  5. J Gao Red (R-131)
  6. J Mega Red (R-108)
  7. J Red Racer (R-103)
  8. J Red Hawk (R-075)
  9. J Red Turbo (R-065)
  10. J Red Flash (R-050)
  11. J Denji Red (R-022)
  12. J Battle Japan (R-017)

Volume 2:

  1. J Shinken Red (R-179)
  2. J Hurricane Red (R-137)
  3. J Tyranno Ranger (R-080)
  4. J Gokai Silver (R-006)
  5. J Shinken Gold (R-184)
  6. J Go-On Gold (R-177)
  7. J Go-On Silver (R-178)
  8. J Bouken Silver (R-166)
  9. J Magi Shine (R-160)
  10. J Deka Break (R-153)
  11. J Shurikenger (R-140)
  12. J Dragon Ranger (R-085)

Volume 3:

  1. Gokai Red (R-001)
  2. J Go-On Red (R-172)
  3. J Geki Red (R-167)
  4. J Time Red (R-125)
  5. J Oh Red (R-097)
  6. J Ninja Red (R-092)
  7. J Red Falcon (R-060)
  8. J Change Dragon (R-045)
  9. J Red One (R-040)
  10. J Dyna Red (R-035)
  11. J Vul Eagle (R-027)
  12. J Spade Ace (R-012)
  13. J Aka Ranger (R-007)

Volume 4:

  1. J Gokai Silver (R-006)
  2. J Time Fire (R-130)
  3. J Mega Silver (R-113)
  4. J King Ranger (R-102)
  5. J Kiba Ranger (R-091)
  6. J Shinken Red (Karru) (R-179)
  7. J Gao Red (R-131)
  8. J Gao Yellow (R-134)
  9. J Gao Blue (R-132)
  10. J Gao Black (R-133)
  11. J Gao White (R-135)
  12. J Gao Silver (R-136)
  13. J Miss America (R-021)

Volume 5:

  1. JS Gokai Red (R-001)
  2. J Deka Red (R-148)
  3. J Deka Blue (R-149)
  4. J Deka Green (R-150)
  5. J Deka Yellow (R-151)
  6. J Deka Pink (R-152)
  7. J Deka Break (R-153)
  8. J Deka Master (R-154)
  9. J Kabuto Raiger (R-141)
  10. J Kuwaga Raiger (R-142)
  11. J Vul Eagle (R-027)
  12. J Vul Shark (R-028)
  13. J Vul Panther (R-029)

Volume 6:

  1. J Gokai Silver (R-006)
  2. J Go-On Red (R-172)
  3. J Magi Green (R-157)
  4. J Magi Yellow (R-158)
  5. J Magi Blue (R-156)
  6. J Magi Pink (R-159)
  7. J Magi Shine (R-160)
  8. J Magi Mother (R-160)
  9. J Hurricane Yellow (R-139)
  10. J Hurricane Blue (R-138)
  11. J Battle France (R-018)
  12. J Battle Cossack (R-020)
  13. J Battle Kenya (R-019)

Volume 7:

  1. J Gokai Red (Metallic) (R-001)
  2. J Gokai Blue (Metallic) (R-002)
  3. J Gokai Green (Metallic) (R-003)
  4. J Gokai Silver (R-006)
  5. J Dia Jack (R-013)
  6. J Heart Queen (R-015)
  7. J Bull Black (R-119)
  8. J Wolzard Fire (R-160)
  9. J Geki Yellow (R-169)
  10. J Geki Blue (R-168)
  11. J Geki Violet (R-170)
  12. J Geki Chopper (R-171)
  13. Jyujin Mele (R-171)

Legend Series Volume 1:

  1. J Red Buster (R-210)
  2. J Blue Buster (R-211)
  3. J Yellow Buster (R-212)
  4. J Gokai Red (Metallic) (R-001)
  5. J Gokai Blue (Metallic) (R-002)
  6. J Gokai Yellow (Metallic) (R-004)
  7. J Gokai Green (Metallic) (R-003)
  8. J Gokai Pink (Metallic) (R-005)
  9. J Gokai Silver (Metallic) (R-006)
  10. J Kurojishi Rio (R-171)
  11. J Zuuban (R-166)
  12. J Signalman (R-104)
  13. J Deka Swan (R-153)
  14. J Wolzard Fire (R-160)
  15. J Bull Black (R-119)
  16. J Jyujin Mele (R-171)

Legend Series Volume 2:

  1. J Red Buster (R-210)
  2. J Blue Buster (R-211)
  3. J Yellow Buster (R-212)
  4. J Beet Buster (R-219)
  5. J Stag Buster (R-220)
  6. J Beet J. Stag (R-221)
  7. J Magi Mother (R-160)
  8. J Time Yellow (R-128)
  9. J Oh Pink (R-101)
  10. J Ninja White (R-096)
  11. J Black Condor (R-077)
  12. J Five Yellow (R-073)
  13. J Yellow Lion (R-064)
  14. J Blue Mask (R-056)
  15. J Green Flash (R-052)
  16. J Change Griffin (R-047)

Legend Series Volume 3:

  1. J Red Buster (R-210)
  2. J Blue Buster (R-211)
  3. J Yellow Buster (R-212)
  4. J Beet Buster (R-219)
  5. J Stag Buster (R-220)
  6. J Beet J. Stag (R-221)
  7. J Time Green (R-127)
  8. J Yellow Owl (R-078)
  9. J Blue Swallow (R-076)
  10. J White Swan (R-079)
  11. J Black Bison (R-062)
  12. J Green Sai (R-063)
  13. J Blue Dolphin (R-061)
  14. J Dyna Black (R-037)
  15. J Denji Blue (R-023)
  16. J Denji Green (R-024)
  17. J Denji Yellow (R-025)
  18. J Denji Pink (R-026)

Legend Series Volume 4:

  1. J Red Buster (Metallic) (R-210)
  2. J Blue Buster (Metallic) (R-211)
  3. J Gokai Christmas (R-001)
  4. J Time Pink (R-129)
  5. J Blue Racer (R-104)
  6. J Green Racer (R-105)
  7. J Yellow Racer (R-106)
  8. J Pink Racer (R-107)
  9. J Ninja Red (R-092)
  10. J Ninja White (R-096)
  11. J Ninja Blue (R-093)
  12. J Ninja Yellow (R-095)
  13. J Ninja Black (R-094)
  14. J Tiger Ranger (R-083)
  15. J Ptera Ranger (R-084)
  16. J Dyna Blue (R-036)
  17. J Dyna Yellow (R-038)
  18. J Dyna Pink (R-039)

Legend Series Volume 5:

  1. J Red Buster (R-210)
  2. J Aka Red (Boukenger Version)
  3. Aka Red (Gokaiger Version) (R-209)
  4. J Gokai Red (R-001)
  5. J Five Blue
  6. J Five Black (R-072)
  7. J Five Pink (R-074)
  8. J Blue Flash (R-051)
  9. J Yellow Flash (R-053)
  10. J Pink Flash (R-054)
  11. J Change Pegasus (R-046)
  12. J Change Phoenix (R-049)
  13. J Change Mermaid (R-048)
  14. J Green Two (R-041)
  15. J Blue Three
  16. J Yellow Four
  17. J Pink Five (R-044)

Legend Series Kamen Rider OOO:

  1. Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa Combo (Metallic) (R-208)
  2. Kamen Rider OOO GataKiriBa Combo (Metallic) (R-216)
  3. Kamen Rider OOO RaToraTa Combo (Metallic) (R-215)
  4. Kamen Rider OOO SaGoZou Combo (Metallic) (R-218)
  5. Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDor Combo (Metallic) (R-213)
  6. Kamen Rider OOO ShaUTa Combo (Metallic) (R-214)
  7. Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra Combo (Metallic) (R-217)

Exclusive Key Sets:

Ranger Key Set Legend Edition:

  1. J Goggle Black
  2. J Goggle Blue
  3. J Goggle Yellow
  4. J Goggle Pink
  5. J Black Mask
  6. J Yellow Mask
  7. J Pink Mask
  8. J Black Turbo
  9. J Blue Turbo
  10. J Yellow Turbo
  11. J Pink Turbo
  12. J Shishi Ranger
  13. J Tenma Ranger
  14. J Kirin Ranger
  15. J Houou Ranger
  16. J Oh Blue
  17. J Oh Green
  18. J Oh Yellow
  19. J Mega Black
  20. J Mega Blue
  21. J Mega Yellow
  22. J Mega Pink
  23. J Ginga Green
  24. J Ginga Blue
  25. J Ginga Yellow
  26. J Ginga Pink
  27. J Go Blue
  28. J Go Green
  29. J Go Yellow
  30. J Go Pink

Ranger Key Set Movie Edition:

  1. J Phantom Ranger Key (Red) (R-226)
  2. J Phantom Ranger Key (Blue) (R-227)
  3. J Phantom Ranger Key (Yellow) (R-228)
  4. J Phantom Ranger Key (Green) (R-229)
  5. J Phantom Ranger Key (Pink) (R-230)
  6. J Nick Cheeda (R-222)
  7. J Gorisaki Banana (R-223)
  8. J Usada Lettuce (R-224)
  9. J Enetan (R-225)
  10. J Great Power of the Go-Busters (R-238)
  11. J Flash King (R-231)
  12. J Daizyuzin (R-232)
  13. J Ryuseioh (R-233)
  14. J Gao King (R-234)
  15. J Magi King (R-235)
  16. J DaiBouken (R-236)
  17. J Geki Tohja (R-237)

Ranger Key Set Complete Edition:

  1. J Jiraiya (R-244)
  2. J Jiban (R-246)
  3. J Draft Redder (R-241)
  4. J Janperson (R-245)
  5. J Blue Beet (R-242)
  6. J B-Fighter Kabuto (R-243)
  7. J Ninjaman (R-239)
  8. J Abare Pink (R-240)
  9. J Jiraiya (Metallic) (R-244)
  10. J Jiban (Metallic) (R-246)
  11. J Draft Redder (Metallic) (R-241)
  12. J Janperson (Metallic) (R-245)
  13. J Blue Beet (Metallic) (R-242)
  14. J B-Fighter Kabuto (Metallic) (R-243)

Ranger Key Set Akibaranger:

  1. J Akiba Red
  2. J Akiba Blue
  3. J Akiba Blue Season Tsuu Version
  4. J Akiba Yellow
  5. J Akiba Yellow Season Tsuu Version

Ranger Key Set Kyoryuger:

  1. J Kyoryu Red (R-247)
  2. J Kyoryu Black (R-248)
  3. J Kyoryu Blue (R-249)
  4. J Kyoryu Green (R-250)
  5. J Kyoryu Pink (R-251)
  6. J Kyoryu Gold (R-252)
  7. J Kyoryu Cyan (R-253)
  8. J Kyoryu Gray (R-254)
  9. J Kyoryu Violet (R-256)
  10. J Kyoryu Violet (Dr. Ulshade) (R-255)
  11. J Kyoryu Silver (R-257)
  12. J Kyoryu Red Carnival (R-258)
  13. J Torin (R-259)

Ranger Key Set Kyoryuger Deboth:

  1. J Many-Faced High Priest Chaos (R-263)
  2. J Joyful Knight Canderrilla (R-264)
  3. J Raging Knight Dogold (R-265)
  4. J Sorrowful Knight Aigallon (R-266)
  5. J Funfilled Spy Luckyulo (R-267)
  6. J Resentful Knight Endolf (R-268)
  7. J Ferocious Knight Deathryuger (R-269)
  8. J Kyoryu Cyan (Yuko) (R-260)
  9. J Kyoryu Gray (Shinya) (R-261)
  10. J Kyoryu Navy (R-262)

Ranger Key Set Lost Edition:

  1. J X1 Mask (R-270)
  2. J Deka Gold (R-271)
  3. J Deka Bright (R-272)
  4. J Gosei Green (R-273)
  5. J Red Cheetah (R-274)
  6. J Blue Gorilla (R-275)
  7. J Yellow Rabbit (R-276)
  8. J Gold Beetle (R-277)
  9. J Silver Stag (R-278)
  10. J Green Hippopotamus (R-279)
  11. J Black Puma (R-280)
  12. J Hurricane Dark (R-281)

Ranger Key Set Rainbow Edition:

  1. J ToQ 1gou (R-282)
  2. J ToQ 2gou (R-283)
  3. J ToQ 3gou (R-284)
  4. J ToQ 4gou (R-285)
  5. J ToQ 5gou (R-286)
  6. J ToQ 1gou Norikae Blue (R-294)
  7. J ToQ 1gou Norikae Yellow (R-295)
  8. J ToQ 1gou Norikae Green (R-296)
  9. J ToQ 1gou Norikae Pink (R-297)
  10. J ToQ 2gou Norikae Red (R-303)
  11. J ToQ 2gou Norikae Yellow (R-304)
  12. J ToQ 2gou Norikae Green (R-305)
  13. J ToQ 2gou Norikae Pink (R-306)
  14. J ToQ 3gou Norikae Red (R-308)
  15. J ToQ 3gou Norikae Blue (R-309)
  16. J ToQ 3gou Norikae Green (R-310)
  17. J ToQ 3gou Norikae Pink (R-311)
  18. J ToQ 4gou Norikae Red (R-313)
  19. J ToQ 4gou Norikae Blue (R-314)
  20. J ToQ 4gou Norikae Yellow (R-315)
  21. J ToQ 4gou Norikae Pink (R-316)
  22. J ToQ 5gou Norikae Red (R-317)
  23. J ToQ 5gou Norikae Blue (R-318)
  24. J ToQ 5gou Norikae Yellow (R-319)
  25. J ToQ 5gou Norikae Green (R-320)
  26. J ToQ 6gou (R-287)
  27. J ToQ 0gou Red (R-301)
  28. J ToQ 0gou Blue (R-307)
  29. J ToQ 0gou Yellow (R-312)
  30. J ToQ 0gou Pink (R-321)
  31. J ToQ -100gou (R-302)
  32. J ToQ 1gou Lion (R-289)
  33. J ToQ 2gou Eagle (R-290)
  34. J ToQ 3gou Wildcat (R-291)
  35. J ToQ 4gou Alligator (R-292)
  36. J ToQ 5gou Panda (R-293)
  37. J Black ToQ 1gou (R-299)
  38. J ToQ 1gou Norikae Orange (R-298)
  39. J Rainbow ToQ 1gou (R-300)
  40. J ToQ 7gou (R-288)

Ranger Key EX Metal Hero Edition:

  1. J Gavan (R-322)
  2. J Sharivan (R-323)
  3. J Shaider (R-324)
  4. J Juspion (R-325)
  5. J Spielban (R-326)
  6. J Metalder (R-327)
  7. J Fire (R-328)
  8. J SolBraver (R-329)
  9. J Blue SWAT (R-330)
  10. J Gavan Type G (R-331)

Ranger Key Set 2000th Edition:

  1. J Momo Ninger (R-322)
  2. J Ki Ninger (R-323)
  3. J Aka Ninger (R-324)
  4. J Aka Ninger (Tsumuji) (R-325)
  5. J Aka Ninger (Yoshitaka) (R-326)
  6. J Mido Ninger (R-327)
  7. J Dark Aka Ninger (R-328)
  8. J Ao Ninger (R-329)
  9. J Shiro Ninger (R-330)
  10. J Star Ninger (R-331)
  11. J Kyoryu Pink (R-332)
  12. J ToQ 4gou (R-333)

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