Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Figma List

So this is another one of those lists that I was compelled to make. This is partially because Shuki and Dosm went on a buying spree one night and wanted a list to commemorate it and partially because the ShukuenShinobi demanded it being the “Editor-in-Chief” or some such nonsense, and I had to respond firectly. Oh well, here it is. At the moment, this is just for Dragon Knight Figmas since that’s what they bought.

Standard Release:

  1. D Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
  2. D Kamen Rider Wing Knight
  3. D Kamen Rider Incisor
  4. D Kamen Rider Torque
  5. D Kamen Rider Sting
  6. D Kamen Rider Thrust
  7. D Kamen Rider Strike
  8. D Kamen Rider Siren
  9. D Kamen Rider Camo
  10. D Kamen Rider Axe
  11. D Kamen Rider Spear
  12. D Kamen Rider Wrath
  13. D Kamen Rider Onyx


  1. Kamen Rider Blank Knight

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