Haul: 06-21-13 & 06-22-13

Friday I stopped at a few places after taking my girlfriend to work. At a Target I found Lightcore Chill, something I could have picked up at TRU ages ago, but didn’t. A CVS not far from there had a Loogie! Needless to say I grabbed him and called it a day.

Saturday I was flat out bored, so Jeff and I drove around the tri-county area. We stopped at GameStop when they opened to get Polar Whirlwind, but they were already sold out, so the manager ordered them online for us. From there we visisted numberous Targets, Walmarts, and CVS locations. Found Drobot (the last normal Skylander I need) at a Walmart, Grimwing at a different Walmart (in which I purchased despite Twitter telling me not to do it), and the two Toad K’Nex figures I bought at a Target because I was upset at not finding a Vrak at ANY of the CVS I stopped at. Our last stop was Toys R Us, so I nabbed a Legacy Megazord at long last. For those who need them, the Legacy Megazord and Morpher are pretty easy to come across now. The roll right there is a Swap Force poster from GameStop if anyone was wondering.

Regarding the Legacy Megazord, the review will pop up soon. I’m not sure when I’m doing it yet. Might replace the White Wizard Driver with it, and move that to Wednesday, and push everything after Val Sparos down a day. I’m not sure yet. I’ll update the schedule accordingly.

Friday, June 21st, 2013

06-21-13From Target:
• Skylanders Giants – Lightcore Chill

From CVS:
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Loogie

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

06-22-13From GameStop:
• Skylanders Swap Force Poster

From Walmart:
• Skylanders Giants – Drobot
• Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Voyager Class Grimwing

From Target:
• K’Nex New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Blue Toad
• K’Nex New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Yellow Toad

From Toys R Us:
• Power Rangers 20 – Legacy Megazord

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