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Stockpile Sunday Review: S.H.Figuarts – H-01

S.H.Figuarts – H-01
Tamashii Nations 2012 Exclusive – October, 2012 – ¥4,500
Tamashii Web Exclusive – March, 2013 – ¥4,500


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Winding down the S.H.Figuarts Tiger & Bunny releases is an exclusive from Tamashii Nation 2012, later re-released as a Tamashii Web Exclusive, both for ¥4,500. H-01 is an android hero created to assist in the deceit plot that went on throughout the show. It was built to resemble Wild Tiger’s suit, but done in a black, red, white, and silver color scheme, similar to Darkness Bunny, the previous year’s exclusive. H-01 ups the anti by not only coming with four additional hands and his shooters, but he also comes with a large gun weapon, and a sword that can clip into his gauntlet. Also included is an exclusive Tamashii Stage with his branding. If you’re a huge fan of the show, or want a companion for Darkness Bunny, then it’s a smart pick up with no huge flaws besides his low hand count. For casual fans or collectors, it’s a good pick up if you love the design, but if it’s not your cup of tea then it’s an easy pass.


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