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Review: D-Arts – MetalGarurumon

D-Arts – MetalGarurumon
Tamashii Web Exclusive – June, 2013 – ¥4,410


MetalGarurumon was announced what feels like forever ago, but he has finally been released! MetalGarurumon saw the light of day in June, 2013 for the price of ¥4,410 before fees. Of course, MetalGarurumon is a Tamashii Web Exclusive, so it’s hard to say how much he will cost on the secondary market. MetalGarurumon is Tamashii’s first major four-legged figure that I’ve purchased, and this one is no doubt one of my favorite D-Arts releases yet. Articulation is a bit limited, but with ball joints at the thighs, and well placed single joints at the knees, everything about this figure makes sense. Head articulation is a bit compromised, but I can forgive that. The wings can be positioned in nearly any way managable, and come with extended, and effect part versions that can be placed on the base for added effect. Also included is a laser effect for his mouth for the Metal Wolf Claw attack, plus an alternate chest piece with the missle shown for the Garuru Tomahawk attack. Lastly, a Tamashii Stage port is included that gives him a tray to sit on for flight poses without having to use the crummy clamp ones. Overall, if you’re a Digimon fan, don’t let this figure pass you by. In fact, if you get ANY Digimon D-Art, get MetalGarurumon. Simply the best the line has to offer right now, and I’m incredibly impressed. I’m sure he’ll make a great display buddy for the Designer’s Edition of WarGreymon coming out in November. Definitely worth the price.

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