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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Dragon Ranger (Mighty Morphin Green Ranger)

S.H.Figuarts – Dragon Ranger (Mighty Morphin Green Ranger)
Retail Release – June, 2012 – ¥3,500


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Dino Buckler! It’s Morphin’ Time! Whatever you want to say to transform, the “first” sixth Sentai hero and one of the most popular Power Rangers of all time have been released in the S.H.Figuarts line as the first of the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger releases. Just as a note, this figure was also released via Bluefin in July, 2013 in the US with exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers packaging if that’s you’re cup of tea. So this figure uses the standard SHF Sentai body used in Jetman and such like, so there really isn’t much in the realm of new. The Dragon Shield is a harder plastic, so it obviously hinders the vertical arm articulation, but looks absolutely incredible. To remove the shield, you have to take off both arms at the shoulder joint, as well as the head. The head is made to be removable, but it’s not recommended you play operation on the arms all too much. The sculpt is great, and I can’t honestly pinpoint too many flaws with this thing. Included are eight additional hands, the Zyusouken (Dragon Dagger), and Hellfried (Sword of Darkness). Both weapons are incredibly detailed and look terrific. Obviously a Zyusouken sheath is included and attaches to his belt. Included with the Japanese release only is the “Powerful Ranger” accessories including a new neck piece featuring the American flag collar, and a new belt featuring the American flag as well. Both are fairly easy to get on and off, so no worries there. Overall, Dragon Ranger is a very impressive figure. While not my favorite Sentai release (and I actually like Chou Akiba Red more…) he’s the best figure of this suit yet, and a must have for MMPR or Zyuranger fans. This is a legendary suit in both countries, and is definitely proving to be popular.

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