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Review: LBX Gruxeon (Danball Senki Wars)

LBX Gruxeon
Retail Release – June, 2013 – ¥1,000


Gruxeon was June’s new LBX, hailing from no country whatsoever. Gruxeon is a bandit in the Second World. This means he basically runs around and kills whoever he pleases with his team of bandits. While I think this is absolutely unfair, rogue soldiers exist in modern warfare, so I could easily see these guys being brought in by the school to act as a rogue group. Regardless, his kit is finally out and it is fantastic. It is a Brawler Frame, built a lot like Val Sparos, but in a beautiful black/red color scheme and a more stealth bomber sort of design over the jet design of Val Sparos. He features a gimmick in his head where his visor can go up and down revealing his eyes. As for weapons he has a Hell Blaster, which can swap some pieces and turn into the Hell Scythe. The scythe just looks absolutely amazing. None of his armor falls off easy, and all of his articulation is top notch and unhindered. Easily my favorite of the kits released for Wars so far. Definitely recommended to fans of the show, or anyone that just loves this design. Great little kit that’s fun and easy to build.

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