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Upcoming Goseiger Toys

As busy as I am right now, I decided to take a break to post up some Goseiger news! While the ideas and items have been floating around for a while, we finally have some catalog scans of the new items!

GoseiGrand and GrandGoseiGreat

First up is GoseiGrand, which will be released in July for about 6,800 Yen. GoseiGrand is the main mecha for GoseiKnight. The base of the robo is made up of a black lion, while the legs and feet are made up of smaller lion components, the blue (Sealeon) one being a battleship and the red (Skyleon) one being a rocket. The main black lion is called GoseiGrandeon. The Grandeon Headder is formed from GoseiKnight himself. This means the DX Toy will basically have a four form figure included, being GoseiKnight, Grandeon Headder, GoseiGrand’s head, and GrandGoseiGreat’s head, which admittedly isn’t that different.

As shown, GoseiGrand can combine with GoseiGreat to form GrandGoseiGreat, a form similar to last year’s DaiKaiShinkenoh. The GoseiGrandeon attaches to the top of the GoseiDragon, and Skyleon and Sealeon form the arms of the new mech, while GoseiShark and GoseiPhoenix attach to the shoulders of GoseiGrandeon. The Tiger and Snake Headders move up to the shoulders as well, as the arms of GoseiGrand become boots for the combination. Lastly, the Dragon Headder attaches to GoseiGrandeon to help balance out the combination. GrandGoseiGreat has a staff like weapon formed from the Dragon Tail and various other pieces left over, and has Headder ports to form new weapon combinations. Datas Hyper and Mystic Brothers are left out of this combination, so we might see a lot of Mystic Datas (or whatever they decide to call it) once the form is released on the airwaves.

GoseiWonder and Mecha Guide
GoseiWonder and Mecha Guide

Next up is the…I’m not even sure what to call it exactly. It’s not a full on mech, as the set is simply a remolded GoseiDragon with four new Headders. GoseiDragon has been remolded into GoseiBird. With it come the Alligator Headder, Elephant Headder, Kabuto Headder, and Dolphin Headder. GoseiBird replaces GoseiDragon in the GoseiGreat formation. The other GoseiMachines then get new Headders. Alligator attaches to GoseiSnake, Elephant attaches to GoseiTiger, Kabuto attaches to GoseiPhoenix, and Dolphin attaches to GoseiShark, forming WonderGoseiGreat. The tail of the bird turns into a giant axe weapon. This formation is said to be exclusive to the upcoming movie. It will be released in August for 5,000 Yen. At the bottom of this scan is a chart showing off all the possible Gattai combinations using GoseiGreat, Seaick Brothers, Landick Brothers, Skick Brothers, Datas Hyper, Mystic Brothers, GoseiWonder, and GoseiGrand. It also shows the Headders that come with the GoseiBlaster, the LeonLaser, GoseiMic, and the GoseiTenSword. Speaking of which…


Last up is the GoseiTenSword, which will be released later this year for around 6,000 Yen. As you can see, the sword is similar in structure to GoseiRed’s sword, with some obvious upgrades. On the bottom is a dome that stores a GoseiHeadder. Next to the dome is a slot that the Tensouder can sit in, kinda like the Inroumaru and the Shinkenmaru. Apparently the GoseiHeadder can spin and light up in the dome. I’m sure there’s plenty of other features, but that’s all.

Also coming out around the same time as the GoseiTenSword are the five SH Figures for the Super Goseigers, the form given to them when the Goseigers wield the GoseiTenSword. It’s rumored these could come with the individual Goseigers Super Change card. Only time will tell of course.

Coming out in May is Candy Toy Minipla 2, featuring two sets of Datas Hyper, and the three Brothers sets. Coming out later this month is the first set of Candy Toy Headders, featuring sounds when you insert the Headders on the toys. As always, stay tuned for more upcoming Goseiger and Double toy news!

Also, yes, I know about the Kamen Rider Regulus rumors, but I won’t be covering too much until toy rumors start floating around. You can check out Dukemon’s blog for more info regarding Regulus.

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