Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider W

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 5

GaiaMemories…can’t live with them, can’t live without them. The crack to everyone’s little sound based plastic addiction, it seems between the DX Toys, the Candy Toys, and the Gashapons, there’s never a moment without one of these little plastic drugs is released into the wild. If you thought four sets of these Gashapon drugs wasn’t enough (not to mention the three Candy Toy sets) thanks to Ngee Khiong, who found the scan on et-c.com, we know have evidence of a Set 5. WHAT MORE COULD THEY POSSIBLY DO?

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 5Yep, that’s right. Combos and re-dos. Set 5 consists of:
• CycloneJoker Memory
• “Shotaro & Philip” Memory (No idea what this is exactly…)
• “Capsule Memory A”
• “Capsule Memory B”
• “Capsule Memory C”
• Momotaros Imagin Memory V2
• Decade Memory V2

CycloneJoker is probably going to cycle through the henshin for CycloneJoker, like an individual Memory would. “Shotaro & Philip” Memory will probably cycle through various clips of the two talking. The A, B, and C Capsule Memories are just unknowns. They could be HeatMetal, LunaTrigger, and FangJoker, they could be more Riders, or they could be something completely different. It’s odd to see Momo and Decade again. As they are V2 (and now Gold Tip instead of Silver Tip) I’m sure they will have new sounds and timing compared to the previous release. Hopefully these ones actually say “Momotaros!” and “Decade!” in the proper GaiaMemory voice. Also, it’s really nice to see normal Decade on the Memory instead of Complete Form.

These are due for release in August, only a month after Set 4’s release, so we’ll see how this all pans out. Due to timing, and the upcoming release of Regulus/Trans/Links/Whatever after W finishes airing, I would assume this will be our last Set of Gashapon Memories, unless of course, the Memories never fade. Nah, who am I kidding? They need to prepare for the Candy Toy and Gashapon Medals that can be used in the next belt. Silly me.

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