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Review: Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Vol. 4 Set

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Vol. 4Another month, more new GaiaMemories for the collection. This month unloaded Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Vol. 4, the fourth set of Gashapon Capsule Memories. This set included Xtreme (a single Memory, with CJX’s portrait), Trial, Dopant A, Dopant B, Diend, New Den-O Strike Form, Deneb Imagin, and Zeronos Altair Form. This is easily one of the best sets of Memories to come out from either the Sound or Sound Capsule lines. Just what do these Memories do, and why are they so cool? Let’s take a look.

First of all, these Memories are loud. Not overly loud, but miles better than what we got with Vol. 1 of each line. I’ll go through each Memory, what they say, and my thoughts on each.

• Xtreme Memory – “Xtreme!”, “~Henshin Sound~”, “Xtreme! Maximum Drive!”, “~Maximum Drive Sound~”
Basically the standard layout for W’s Memories. The Memory is cast in clear with some inside glitter, so it looks really nice overall. The fact that they made this one a Legend Rider Portrait is great, and gave me more incentive to pick it up for my Rider Memory collection, and having the Xtreme sounds in one Memory opens up fun combination possibilities.

• Trial Memory – “Trial!”, “~Countdown Sound~”, “~Henshin Sound~”, “Trial! Maximum Drive!”, “~Maximum Drive Sound~”
Trial is really standard, and nothing spectacular. The only benefit to owning this or the Candy Toy release is the fact that these work in the Double Driver, when the DX Trial Memory doesn’t. Because of this, it does open up some new combinations.

• Dopant Memory A – “Nasca!”, “Smilodon!”, “Masquerade!”, “Weather!”
Get used to the mold, as those of you that are getting the 35 Memory Dopant Set will have a LOT of it. Speaking of the mold, initial pictures had me worried, but the molding details on the Memory are just as good as the DX Memory, just a slight bit standard sized. Once it’s colored up in the 35 Set, the mold will look spot on perfect. Between this and Dopant B, you get all the Sonozaki Dopant sounds, plus Masquerade and Shinigamihakase. When held down, it says the name of the Dopant you just activated, plus the insert sound. Also, this is molded with a gold tip, but I would like to point out that according to the sticker and the sound layout, it’s SUPPOSED to be a silver tip. Also, this Memory comes with stickers for each of the four Dopants, so pick your favorite and stick it on!

• Dopant Memory B – “Terror!”, “Taboo!”, “Clay Doll!”, “Shinigamihakase!”
Same mold and base sound as the first one, just with these four Dopants instead. The inclusion of Shinigamihakase made this Memory made the purchase for me, considering I was complaining about not owning one just days before it was announced. Guess which sticker this one got. As with Dopant A, it includes stickers for all four Dopants featured. Everything else is pretty much the same. As the stickers and sounds show, this one is meant to be the gold tip it is.

• Diend Memory – “Kamen Rider!”, “Diend!”, “~Henshin Sound~”, “Final Kamen Rider! Di-Di-Di-Diend!”
This should seem familiar as it’s the EXACT same layout as the Decade Memory released in Capsule Vol. 1. This is one of my favorite Memories so far, if only because it has better sounds then the Diend Driver does, and I find that funny. Great companion Memory for those of you that have Decade. We’ll have to see how well it works with the Decade Memory coming out in Capsule Vol. 5.

• New Den-O Memory – “New Den-O!”, “~Standby Sound~”, “Strike Form!”, “~Henshin Sound~”, “~Snapping Fingers Sound~”, “Full Charge!”
No, I don’t know why the snapping fingers sound is there either. Sure, he does it a lot, but that’s no reason to need it in the Memory. Everything else is spot on and really cool. I really dig his Speed Racer-esque pre-henshin music. With this being silver tipped, you can also do New Den-O/Den-O combination, which is also pretty neat.

• Deneb Imagin Memory – “Saishou ni itte oku, mune no kao wa kazari daa! /  Let me say this to start, the face on my chest is only a decoration!”, “Ima no wa, kocchi ga warukatta. Ayamaru. / For now, that was bad. I appologize.”, “Yuuto yoroshiku! / Take care of Yuuto!”, “Yuuto…shiitakechan to tabeta? / Yuuto…eat the shiitake?”
And Deneb enters the fray to round out or pentagon of Imagin awesomeness. Sadly, we still need Sieg and Teddy, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be so fortunate. Thankfully, we do have Deneb. Some of his phrases may be weird, but it’ll make sense when we look at Zeronos. He is cast in a dark green with glitter, matching the other Imagin perfectly. Really love him.

• Zeronos Memory – “Zeronos!”, “~Henshin Sound~”, “Saishou ni itte oku, ore wa KANARI tsuyoi! / I’ll say this to start, I’m FAIRLY strong!”, “DENEEEEBBBBUUUU!”, “Shiitake ireruna! / Don’t add shiitake!”
Everything makes sense in this Memory until  you realized they left out “Altair Form!” and added some shit about mushrooms. BUT, it makes sense in the end, trust me. Yeah, the lack of “Altair Form!” is saddening, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for having such a great Memory, and a feature that I really appreciate. Zeronos is also cast in the same green plastic with glitter. I kinda wish his was solid green though…

Anyway, the coolest thing is when you either press and hold Deneb & Zeronos a second time, or activate their transformation in the Double Driver a second time, it will start an exclusive combination between the two that goes something like this. Keep in mind that the “DENEBU!!!” comes from the Deneb Memory and “Yuuto…” comes from Zeronos. Not sure WHY but it does. Light Green is Yuuto, while Dark Green is Deneb.
“Yuuto…” “DENEBU!” “Let me say this to start, I am fairly strong!” “Let me say this to start, the head on my chest is only decoration!” “DENEBU!” “For now, that was bad, I appologize.” “DENEBU!” “Take care of Yuuto!” “DENEBU!” “Yuuto…eat the shiitake?” “Don’t add shiitake!”
I find this inclusion really awesome, and makes these Memories a must for all Zeronos fans. It’s too cool to pass up.

Overall, this is easily the best set of Memories we’ve gotten so far. If you are a Den-O fan, half of this set is built for you, and fans of Diend have an added treat as well. The Dopant Memories are great for those that missed the DX one, Trial for you Accel fans, and a Legend Rider Xtreme Memory for those of you that really dig the Memories with the Rider Portraits on them. This set is built to be a little bit of everything, and it definitely succeeds. Awesome, awesome set.

Check out a photo gallery of the set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157624457281629/

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