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Review: S.H.Figuarts EX – Machine Hardboilder

S.H.Figuarts EX - Machine HardboilderBack when we first seen this one at Tamashii Features, we had already gotten Machine Tornador, Battle Hopper, and Acrobatter as exclusives, so of course, we pegged it as an exclusive and went about our way. Eventually it was revealed that it was a standard release item due out in August alongside CycloneJokerXtreme. A part of me wishes that would change, as this is a bike that could really of used a boost of being an exclusive. It just doesn’t stack up to the others.

The main “feature” on this bike is that it splits down the middle, and the other bike pieces, being released as Tamashii Web Exclusives (Dash Unit and Turbular Unit) can attach there and make essentially a new bike. I’d like to point out that I have no major problems with the front half of the thing. The W looks great, and the details are present and accounted for. It’s the butt end where things fall apart. The back end is basically a tire, a silver chain, and a huge chunk of green plastic. Keep in mind the chain is just silver plastic, it’s not an actual chain. The details are molded there, and I understand the actual bike was pretty subpar in coloring too, but it’s just so bland compared to the other bikes that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There’s certain elements like piping that would have benefited from paint that are otherwise left green. It does look nice on display from a distance, but up close, it just fails in comparison to the details presented on the other bikes. The only accessory this one comes with is a small black plastic ring with slots big enough to squeeze in the back tire so you can stand the bike straight up with a Figuart riding it.

Overall, the Hardboilder is an easy pass. If you’re a huge fan of Double, and can get it cheaply, you might enjoy it, but after owning the past bike releases, this one is easily the worse. While the mold is great, the details aren’t painted enough, and the lack of a spiffy Tamashii Stand kinda kills it for me. Save your money and go buy some real Figuarts.

Check out a photo gallery of Machine Hardboilder here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157625056008058/

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