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Review: SharkZord (Power Rangers Samurai)

Wave 3 of the Power Rangers Samurai Zord Vehicle line gives us the SharkZord, complete with the Shark Attack Ranger Fire. The Shark Attack Ranger is a recolor of the Super Mega Mode Red Ranger, just with some of the white being the normal Red, and a few more color choices. The SharkZord himself is the Kyoryuu Origami, originally a dinosaur. Now I was never one to think he looked like a dinosaur either, but last time I checked, sharks don’t have feet. That being said, I don’t mind the change. I think he looks like a shark enough to pass as one. Bandai even added a dorsal and tail fin to make it more realistic. It was first spotted at Toys R Us, where it was $17.99. There’s a chance Kmart will stock these (like the other Zords) for $12.99.

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The Shark Attack Ranger, like I said before, is Mega Mode Red, with a new deco and style. He closely resembles the Super Mega Mode Red Ranger, but with more red in the chest than white, and some blue accents like the SharkZord. Despite being the Shark Attack Ranger, he’s holding the Mega Blade with the Black Box attached, meaning this figure was originally supposed to be Super Mega Mode Red. His helmet is removable, featuring a mold of Jayden’s face underneath it. This causes the helmet to be a bit big, and look goofy on the figure.

The SharkZord itself is really neat. Despite being really tiny, he rolls around just fine, and features an extending headbutt gimmick when you press the button on his back. The tail and dorsal fins are removable and can be used as weapons for the 4″ figures. Most of the necessary details are there, and the toy is overall pretty solid. The best part is that the blade is hard plastic, so he won’t get all bent up like the Japanese release. Speaking of, the Japanese release was huge! It’s pretty much the size of the Shinkenmaru. The Japanese release, also featured sounds. Obviously the American release is MUCH smaller, but I still really like him.

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Take off his front feet and snap them together to make the Samurai Megazord’s new helmet. You can either remove the fins or keep them on, it doesn’t really matter. Pull out the peg on his belly, and slot it into the Megazord’s fist. Here you have the Samurai Shark Megazord. Despite not really adding much besides a helmet and a big sword, I like this form. It’s a good example of how a Zord can simply become a weapon and still be useful. The Japanese version, being a DX weapon of sorts, is huge in comparison to Shinkenoh. The Japanese releases has the same structure, just the hind legs become a stand for the sword to sit in, since it’s too massive for the robot to hold on his own. Like I actually like the American release’s more streamlined look. It’s worth noting that he can plop into the Clawzord’s hand as well!

Another combination the SharkZord can pull off is exclusive to the Power Rangers line, the Samurai Sharkwing. This constitutes switching the SharkZord in for the TigerZord in the Battlewing formation. Simply put the BeetleZord on one side, the SwordfishZord on the other, and viola. While not looking nearly as coherent as the Batltewing, the Sharkwing still holds most of the same playability, just with the added extending gimmick of the SharkZord. While a nice added bonus, I don’t expect it to be used in the show (it wasn’t in Shinkenger, so it would have to be a new Power Rangers bit). It’s always nice to have new playability with other toys.

Overall, I really love the SharkZord. Kyoryuu Origami was always a favorite, because I love the duality as a sword role play weapon as well. Of course, this made the formation with Shinkenoh to be very weird, and a bit awkward to play with. The Samurai release is much cheaper, much smaller, but still retains a pretty awesome sword style when combined with the Samurai Megazord. While I love him a lot, I don’t think he’s worth the $17.99 Toys R Us is asking for (especially when the Samurai Megazord is on sale for $22 this week…). If you can get him on sale, or eventually at K-Mart for around $12.99, then he’s a definite pick up, and goes great with the other Zords we’ve collected thus far. Great addition to the line.

Bought from Toys R Us for $17.99
Available at other major retailers.

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