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Review: PokéPla – Hydreigon Evolution Set

PokéPla Retail Release – January, 2012 Release – ¥760

[youtube http://youtu.be/KCNQYd0fu4A]

It’s been a while since Haxorus, our last PokéPla Evolution Set. This time we have the Hydreigon Evolution Set, featuring Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon, and the standard Pikachu. It’s the standard price of about ¥760 (around $10) before shipping. This is a Japanese toy of course, so you’ll only be able to find it through online retailers like HLJ, AmiAmi, Amazon, or auctions like eBay. eBay actually has a wide selection of these kits at retail cost, so if you’re looking to get into the line, check it out. Pikachu is in a cute sitting position, featuring the standard eyes, mouth, cheek, ears, back, and tail stickers that plagued these sets for so long. The Hydreigon family actually has a low sticker count that’s really pleasant to see. Deino has stickers on his neck (the dots), Zweilous has some belly stickers, and Hydreigon has a tail, belly, mouth, and eye stickers. Hydreigon might SEEM to have a lot, but considering most of them are mouth stickers, it’s not a huge deal. The three of them sharing a color pallet is great, as it allows the toys to all be accurate without the need for a bunch of stickers (I’m looking at you Chikorita). Hydreigon features a stand, since he has no feet. It features a custom holding piece that supports Hydreigon perfectly. He also features a gimmick where the smaller heads move, the main head sways as well. Overall, this is a pretty fantastic kit, and an example of one of the better Evolution Sets out there. Not a lot of stickers, the plastic colors are accurate, and they look really nice together. If you’re a fan of the Dark Dragon I definitely recommend picking it up. Just keep in mind the kit is made for kids, and is extremely easy to build and features little articulation. Model Kit experts won’t get much of a kick out of it.

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