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Review: Deluxe Gosei Morpher (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Deluxe Gosei Morpher
$29.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from


Despite owning pretty much half the Megaforce toy line already, the Gosei Morpher, the flagship toy of the Megaforce toy line is finally released! I purchased this from, the one place that seemed to get this in stock before it hits brick and mortar stores. The Gosei Morpher is shaped like an idol head. The mouth is opened by pulling down, and a Power Card is inserted and the mouth closed. The Morpher than announces the card and activates the power inside. Normally Bandai America’s Morphers are subpar toys at best, but they really kicked it up a notch, as the Gosei Morpher is a fantastic reproduction of the Tensouder. Side by side, the Tensouder is a bit darker and thicker, but build wise, they are nearly the same size. The toy has a “Try Me” function to which every time the mouth is closed, you hear “Go Go Megaforce!” followed by the transformation sound. The voice sounds eerily like David Fielding, the voice of Zordon in Season 1 of MMPR (and actor for the entirety of the show). I’m sure it’s not him, but it’s nice to pretend! Second is the “On” mode, which activates the card scanner. It doesn’t matter how large or small the card you insert is, as long as the barcode is the right size and it is read, you will get a sound, giving you a lot of options if you have Dice-O or Ganbaride cards as well. Last is the “TCG” mode. When a card is scanned, the Gosei Morpher will announce a power level (and possibly a special effect) and your cards attack strength is the level announced. Match the level with the text on the card to see who wins. The package states there are 180 phrases in the Morpher. Fellow fan Raz and Fury Diamond of Ranger Crew have been working on developing blank cards featuring the barcodes of all 180 phrases, so thanks for their hard work! 10 Power Cards are also included: five Red Ranger themed cards, and five Red Veteran Rangers. Overall, this is the BEST Morpher Bandai America has ever produced. It has every feature the Tensouder did, translated perfectly for Power Rangers, and updated to include elements of Veteran Rangers to celebrate the Anniversary. While some sounds weren’t brought over (Ultimate Combine, Summon Individual Zords, etc.), the added recognition for the Veterans more than makes up for it. If you’re a Ranger fan, and you plan on buying into the Action Card Game, there’s no reason to pass this up. An absolutely awesome toy for what could very well be an absolutely fantastic season. No Ranger Fan should go without this Morpher.

Included Power Cards:

Gosei Morpher
P-018: Red Megaforce Ranger (Morph Card)
“Go Go Megaforce!”
P-023: Red Megaforce Ranger (Dragon Sword)
“Summon Battle Gear!”
P-027: Gosei Dragon Mechazord
“Summon Zord!”
P-028: Gosei Great Megazord
“Summon Megazord!”
P-031: Red Megaforce Ranger (Tornado Attack)
“Victory Charge!”
P-068: Red Mystic Force Ranger
“Mystic Force…Red!”
P-069: Red S.P.D. Ranger
P-070: Red Wild Force Ranger
“Wild Force…Red!”
P-071: Red Ninja Storm Ranger
“Ninja Storm…Red!”
P-073: Red Jungle Fury Ranger
“Jungle Fury…Red!”

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