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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Deka Blue & Deka Green

S.H.Figuarts – Deka Blue
Tamashii Web Exclusive – September, 2012 – ¥3,675

S.H.Figuarts – Deka Green
Tamashii Web Exclusive – December, 2012 – ¥3,675


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Most Sentai in a core team are near identical to one another. The Dekarangers are no exception, so despite Blue and Green being released three months apart, they are being reviewed together! Deka Blue was the first, released in September of 2012 while Deka Green followed three months later in December of 2012, each for the cost of ¥3,675 before shipping and middleman fees. The molds are the same as Deka Red, just with a new plastic color and head sculpt. Articulation wise, the Dekarangers are rather plain, so nothing is hindering their articulation except the limitations of the shoulder design, which isn’t that bad on the Dekarangers. The few problems I had with Deka Red, like the misaligned belt buckle seem to be fixed with Blue and Green, so that makes me happy. While the molds may be the same, Blue and Green both have a different set of weapons, since the D-Magnums were unique to Deka Red. Each of the Dekarangers here come with 11 additional hands, an S.P. License, a compact and extended D-Rod, the D-Knuckle, and their signiture combination of the weapons: D-Sniper for Deka Blue, and D-Blaster for Deka Green. Despite having generic weapons, I love that the Dekarangers got unique combinations of them to set them apart from one another. While not being too much in the way of new, the Dekaranger mold continues to be pretty decent at what it does, and Blue and Green seem to have improved on the few minor errors I had with Deka Red. Hoji and Sen-chan were both excellent characters, so owning them in S.H.Figuarts form is a definite plus. If you’re a Dekaranger or Power Rangers S.P.D. fan, then by all means pick these up. You can usually find them for around ¥3,000-¥3,500 on the aftermarket, which isn’t a bad price, just remember to not pay too much. Outside of small molding flaws, they’re great figures and certainly recommended.

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