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Review: SDCC 2013 Limited Edition Deluxe Gosei Morpher (Power Rangers Megaforce)

SDCC 2013 Limited Edition Deluxe Gosei Morpher
San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive – July, 2013 – $50 at the Show


While one of the SDCC 2013 exclusive items from Bandai was a hugely demanded product, there was at least one exclusive that fashioned itself around being a well placed exclusive product, a Limited Edition version of the Deluxe Gosei Morpher. The gut of this toy is the same as the original Gosei Morpher, but the front plate is done entirely in 24k gold plating. I would quickly like to point out that gold plating doesn’t mean there is enough gold on the toy to be worth money. In fact, there is pretty much no gold in it at all. Included with this release are 10 exclusive foil promo ACG cards. Some of these cards are all new releases, while some are foil versions of previously released promos. Regardless, they are the only way to get these foil versions of the promo cards. If you’re a huge ACG collector, then this is a must have toy if only for the promo cards. If you’re a huge fan of Megaforce, it’s still a pretty cool pick up, as the gold Gosei Morpher looks beautiful on the Ultra Dragon Sword, or in a display in general. That being said, it’s not really worth the price at face value.

Also shown off in this video is the seven SDCC promo ACG cards. All seven cards are foil promo cards, and there’s a good chance normal versions of these cards will not be released to keep their SDCC exclusivity. Have to give props to the Tamashii Booth’s promo card, as I never thought I’d own an ACG card with S.H.Figuarts on it. Pretty neat. It’s worth noting the P-188 Red Mighty Morphin Ranger promo was available via the Saban Vortexx Street Team that were OUTSIDE of the convention haul, meaning anyone could obtain the card. Despite this, very few SDCC scalpers knew of the card, creating a lot of sets of “six” on eBay instead of the full set of seven. On top of this, the card is going for $15-$20 on eBay because of the faux rarity.

Included foil promo cards:
P-001: Gosei Great Megazord
P-009: Yellow Megaforce Ranger
P-026: Pink Megaforce Ranger
P-053: Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger
P-055: Black Ultra Megaforce Ranger
P-057: Blue Ultra Megaforce Ranger
P-084: Red Megaforce Ranger
P-085: Black Megaforce Ranger
P-088: Blue Megaforce Ranger
P-092: Robo Knight

SDCC 2013 foil promo cards:
P-183: Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger
P-184: Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
P-185: White Mighty Morphin Ranger
P-186: Red Mighty Morphin Ranger (Dragon Shield)
P-187: Dino Megazord
P-188: Red Mighty Morphin Ranger
P-189: Red & Green Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (S.H.Figuarts)

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