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Unboxing: Power Rangers ACG – Forever Red Rangers Promo Packs

Forever Red Rangers Limited Edition Promo Packs
Target Exclusive – $9.99 each


The Power Rangers ACG has finally begun doing what most card games have been doing for ages: promo packs. To start it off we have two “Forever Red Rangers” cards! One features Turbo, Alien, Wild Force, Time Force, and Space. The second card features Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Quantum, Lost Galaxy, and Lightspeed. The card with Turbo Red obviously says…”Turbo…Red!” in the Gosei Morpher, while the one with Mighty Morphin says “Mighty Morphin…Red!” in the Gosei Morpher. It’s lame they default to such common things, but what can you do? Each card plays a clip of the main battle of Forever Red. Between the two cards, you get pretty much the entire morphed portion of that episode up until the defeat of Venjix. Each set contains THREE Guardians of Justice (Set 2) packs. It’s a shame they didn’t come with Universe of Hope or one of each set, but that’s what they went with. These promo packs are often made to sell overstock packs, and Guardians of Justice shelf-warmed for months. Worth the money though for sure. The cards are gorgeous, and if it’s anything like my pulls, the packs inside could be great.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxoaDRHCcDk]

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