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Review: Ultra Morphin Power Rangers (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Ultra Morphin Power Rangers
$12.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Target)


To replace the Battle Morphin Power Rangers from the last assortment, the Megaforce Rangers are now Ultra Morphin! These figures retail for around $12.99 at most major retailers, but I found these at a local Target store. Instead of having joysticks that wave their arm around, these figures have articulation similar to the larger Deluxe figures. They only feature an arm rotation, boot rotation, and head rotation. Each figure includes the Ultra Dragon Sword…yeah, there’s no differentiation between the swords, and the sword is molded after the American toy, so no dome is on these ones. Each Ranger has a button on the back. When pressed, the chest flings over their shoulders and out pops the Ultra Zord that belongs to them. Those are at least sculpted properly! Inside the mouths are a red LED, which is something I suppose. That’s all for these things. No sounds, no more articulation, that’s it. Unless you’re after the cards, these honestly aren’t great toys, and I’d much rather have the Battle Morphin figures, since you could at least have fun with those. The 4″ figures and Armored Mights make better display pieces and toys then these do. Pretty much a bust. Don’t bother.

[youtube http://youtu.be/3iCFzgGvLe0]

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