Haul: 10-11-13

Also known as, the day that stood still. Today, an incredible thing happened in that my Sengoku Driver and Lock Seed Holder from CSToys arrived! For the record, even though I work for them, I still have to fight every activation to get the toys I want. Just throwing that out there. They are beyond incredible, and I hope to have a review of these up Monday or Tuesday. My Oki/AmiAmi box SHOULD get here tomorrow, meaning an unboxing is gonna pop up tomorrow evening. I was planning to do a V-Log rant on Sunday, but I feel like Pokémon will stop me from doing anything productive. I’ll try to put out these XY 2-Packs out on Sunday to help commemorate the very thing stopping me from doing work. Such is life. So the schedule looks like this:

Saturday – Unboxing
Sunday – XY 2-Pack Figures
Monday – Sengoku Driver

This schedule will get dicked around if my box doesn’t get here tomorrow, in which case, it will look something like:

Saturday – XY 2-Pack Figures
Sunday – V-Log Rang
Monday – Unboxing
Tuesday – Sengoku Driver

Either way I’m really busy. I’ve also got a HUGE life changing thing to talk about soon, but I’m still ironing everything out, making the final adjustments, and have a LOT of work to do the next two weeks. It’s really exciting for me, and I hope to announce it all soon.

Friday, October 11th, 2013

10-11-13_1From CSToys:
• Kamen Rider Gaim – DX Sengoku Driver
• Kamen Rider Gaim – DX Lock Seed Holder with Pine Lock Seed
• Freebie: Ultraman Ginga Ultra Hero 500 Booklet
• Freebie: Kamen Rider Mascolle Best Selection 1: Kamen Rider Decade

10-11-13_2From Toys R Us:
• Pokémon XY – Froakie and Eevee 2-Pack
• Pokémon XY – Pikachu and Flareon 2-Pack



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