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Review: “Deluxe” Super Mega Blaster (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Power Rangers “Deluxe” Super Mega Blaster
$14.97 from Walmart


The Deluxe Super Mega Saber, while poor in name and awful Troy sound effects, was a really great role play weapon in both size, stability, and accuracy. The same can’t be said about the Deluxe Super Mega Blaster, which basically lies to your face, as it’s not deluxe at all! The Super Mega Blaster, despite labeled deluxe, is in the basic battle gear assortment, packed with a small dagger sized version of the Super Mega Saber (which comes with another Blue Super Megaforce Ranger Key). For $14.99 you get the blaster and a Green Super Megaforce Ranger Key. For those that want Blue and Green without buying weapons, they are available (along with another Red) in the Super Megaforce Key Pack. The key activates the “Super Megaforce Green!” and “Super Mega Racer!” sounds in the Legendary Morpher. The gun itself is small and dinky. While the Super Mega Saber was on par with the Gokai Saber, the Super Mega Blaster falls majorly flat. The black is replaced with maroon (to look less like a real gun I guess?) along with the customary US orange tip. The cylinder no longer flips up, and instead accepts the key at a horizontal angle directly. All sounds are laser noises instead of a customary pistol sound. The final attack noise when a key is inserted literally sounds like a “Best of” album of dollar story laser guns. Where the Saber shines, the Blaster falls flat. Save your money and buy the Gokai Gun, and the Super Megaforce Key pack for the Green Key, along with a much better weapon. It’s worth noting that the Gokai Gun looks great along with the Super Mega Saber.

[youtube http://youtu.be/C0xZ0qBNymQ]

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