Digimon Fusion CCG, Unboxing

Unboxing: Digimon Fusion CCG – New World

Digimon Fusion CCG – New World (Set 01)
$3.99 per Booster Pack
$9.99 per Starter Deck


Complete Set and Starter Decks purchased from RangerCrew!

Just like Power Rangers, Saban and Bandai are pushing to make Digimon Fusion a huge success. With the TV show on the air, and toys on the shelves, a card game was bound to happen, and this time it happened sooner rather than later. While there’s five other seasons of Digimon to tap into, the game is currently Digimon Fusion focused. The first set is titled “New World” and features a number of Digimon from Digimon Fusion seen within the first 15 episodes of the show. The set is divided into 60 cards in the Booster Packs, and 36 unique cards in the two starter decks, for a total of 96 cards in the New World set. Each Booster Pack contains 10 cards (6 Commons, 3 Uncommons, and 1 Rare or Super Rare). Each Starter Deck comes with a 30 card deck (each containing 18 unique cards) along with one Booster Pack and one playmat/rule book. The artwork on some of the cards is very old school Digimon artwork, so long time fans of Digimon might get a kick out of those cards.

The cards themselves are divided into Digimon (Normal or Fusion), Digimemory, and Code Crown. Digimon are obviously your attackers, and can be summoned, boosted, or fused depending on how you battle. Digimemory are summoned the same way, and act like items that strengthen your Digimon. Code Crown are cards you battle for. Each turn you are battling for the Code Crown card. Each Code Crown has a certain effect that strengthens or hinders certain types of Digimon. The actual rules play very similar to the Power Rangers ACG. Discard cards from your hand to pay cost to summon Digimon, use Digimon as a boost for your active digimon, pay for a Digi-Fusion, or activate a Digimemory. Each turn you reload your hand, and when you run out of deck, you shuffle your discard pile to form your deck once more. The game ends when one player wins 5 Code Crown cards.

The game looks incredibly fun, and I hope Bandai makes an online game like the Power Rangers ACG, even if it’s only against an AI. Bandai has said that they are doing organized play for the Digimon CCG, meaning they already plan on pumping it more than the Power Rangers ACG. This means card shops can host tournaments, and promo cards will be given out through this. While I don’t plan on playing competitively, I’ll be keeping up with the game until it gets cancelled, which it most likely will given Bandai’s CCG track record.

Regardless, the set is cool, with some really great artwork. The game takes the Power Rangers ACG formula and turns it into a far more amusing game in my opinion. I might actually buy some packs to try and build a crappy deck. Who knows. Really great for Digimon fans, particularly of Fusion. I hope they eventually branch out into other seasons, but given how long Fusion is, the game probably won’t last long enough to see it. Can’t wait to see what the second set brings.

[youtube http://youtu.be/wgdYIlXyjzY]

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