Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Charizard EX Box

Charizard EX Box
$19.97 from Walmart


Picked this up on an emergency trip to Walmart. Despite Flashfire’s street date being May 07th, a lot of places were putting this out as early as May 01st. Charizard is probably my favorite starter, and has been since I was little, so despite Flashfire being a pretty subpar set overall, the new deck combinations with the various Charizards really excites me. Alongside the Charizard EX Box, I picked up single promo packs featuring XY11 Skiddo and XY12 Honedge. Both single promo packs contain one booster pack, one promo card, and one coin. The Charizard EX Box features a Jumbo Charizard EX, XY17 Charizard EX, two Flashfire Booster Packs, and two XY Booster Packs. The Charizard EX isn’t that great, and fails in comparison to the two features in Flashfire itself. Despite that, the card artwork is cool, and the set is a must get for those who hunt down all the numbered promo cards like I do. The Jumbo cards are pretty neat to have, albeit just a collectible. I would have preferred a figure. I did manage to pull two EXs (not great ones, but EXs nonetheless!) out of the box, so $20 for three total EXs is pretty nice. Overall, these are all worth it if you’re actively hunting out those XY Promos. If you aren’t, save your money and buy a box. Buying boxes is always the greatest deal you can get.

[youtube http://youtu.be/155wTCjhbeQ]

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