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Review: Pokémon Mega Ring

Pokémon Mega Ring
Retail Release – April, 2014 – ¥1,000


Purchased from HLJ!

Ever since X & Y were released, I wanted a toy of the Mega Ring. Thankfully TakaraTomy had my back, as they’ve pumped their toyline with the Mega Ring System! The debut toy in the line is the Mega Ring itself, available for only ¥1,000. The Mega Ring was also available in a special set that included a Blazikenite as well as a Mega Blaziken Monster Collection figure. The Mega Ring will ALSO be sold in a special Mega Stone set, and a special set featuring Lucario instead of Blaziken. That’s a LOT of ways to get one toy. The diameter of the toy is roughly 55mm (2.1″) so if your wrist is longer than that, you’re basically out of luck. Even without the “wear” factor, the toy is a nice representation of the Mega Ring used in the game, and looks great on a display. Press the two metal prongs on the side of the ring with your finger to make the Mega Evolution sound effect as the crystal of the Mega Ring lights up in several colors. The toy can also use the various Mega Stones being sold in a number of different Monster Collection products in Japan. The Mega Stone attaches to the metal prongs, which gives you the same effect as your finger, but it enables an LED inside the Mega Stone to light up in sync with the sound. Overall, for US fans, there’s a chance the Mega Ring won’t fit, and it just isn’t that playable of a toy. Despite that, it looks nice on display, and if you’re wanting a Mega Ring for your collection, it serves that purposes well. Plus at only ¥1,000 for the basic release, it’s really affordable.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Ds1IGAf94ps]

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