Nerd Block, Unboxing

Unboxing: Nerd Block – September, 2014


Nerd Block is a monthly subscription service from the people behind ShirtPunch. Each month, for only $19.99 USD, you receive a box containing a T-Shirt, along with four to six collectibles from a variety of franchises that people love. For you horror genre fans out there, Nerd Block has started the Horror Block, a different $19.99 box that focuses strictly on top horror franchises. They’ve also introduced Arcade Block, yet another $19.99 box that focuses strictly on gaming franchises. Finally, available for the younger is the Nerd Block Jr. for both boys and girls, for $13.99. The Nerd Block Jr. doesn’t have a shirt, but contains a few extra toys, and focuses on kids franchises like My Little Pony, Pokémon, Skylanders, etc. Both are great values, and you always receive more than what you pay for. The fun is in the surprise!

Subscribe to Nerd Block, Horror Block, Arcade Block, or Nerd Block Jr. here!

Contents of September 2014’s block, as well as my unboxing video are after the jump.



• “Sounds of the Galaxy” GotG Shirt
• 1-Year Anniversary Nerd Block Brain Stress Toy
• Giant Microbes “Chlamydia” Plush
• Scribblenauts Unmasked Series 2 Vinyl Toy (Batman)
• MegaBloks Marvel Series 3 MiniFigure (Iceman)
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxos Papercraft Playset

Talk about a mixed bag. This Block has given us an amazing shirt, some little super heroes, and an STD. What other subscription Block loves you enough to give you an STD? The shirt this month is amazing. Guardians was a fantastic film, and the design of the shirt in general is great. The smaller toys are cool. Nothing to write home about, but pretty neat. The Scribblenauts DC Heroes are pretty rad. The TMNT papercraft is really cool. I’m not huge on these papercrafts, but this one definitely pushes the right buttons, especially after that awesome Season 2 finale. Finally the Chlamydia plush is…well, a thing. It’s oddly cute, in a weird grotesque kind of way. It’s one of those weird things that I have no idea how or why it belongs in a thing like Nerd Block. At least it’s small and cute. Like I said, rip off all that tags and pretend it’s a little green Digimon. Chlamon or something. Yes.

As always, these aren’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to dish out about $30 a month for a surprise box filled with a bunch of neat (and possibly exclusive!) items, then this is a great thing to do. If you’re a horror fan or have children you want to share the experience with, be sure to check out the Horror Block, Arcade Block, and Nerd Block Jr. subscriptions as well. These things are really fun to me, and I look forward to next month’s Block.

Thanks Nerd Block!

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