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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG XY – Phantom Forces Booster Box (Sponsored by Massdrop.com)

Pokémon TCG XY – Phantom Forces Booster Box
Prices Vary by Retailer

Check out Massdrop.com for this, and other great deals!


Huge thanks to Massdrop.com for hooking me up with this Booster Box. For those that don’t know, Massdrop.com is a community buying center. They work with distributors on a wide variety of products from cards, cosmetics, electronics, and more. By working with distributors on these drops, the more they can order, the cheaper it is. Basically, if you were wanting to get in on a drop of Booster Boxes, it might start at $100. As more and more people get in on the drop, the price will go down further and further to say, $80. It’s a great way to not only meet people with similar interests, but save some money on products you love.

I stand by the fact that if you’re looking to complete sets or build decks, buying Booster Boxes is the most affordable way. Sure, you’re blowing $80-$100 at one time, but you get 36 packs in each box, with an average of 3-5 EX/Full Art cards in a box. A Booster Box will generally get you play sets of most staple trainer cards, a good pool of Basic Pokémon, and a decent amount of holos. The only major issue is the usual trend with TCGs. You never know what you’re going to get, and like this box, you could end up getting some not so great pulls. In terms of this box, I’m satisfied. Having not bought a whole lot of Phantom Forces, this got me a lot of the new trainers, a Full Art and two EXs. While it wasn’t the best box I ever had, it helped full my collection, and that’s what I care about most.

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