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Review: Dino Charge Action Heroes Wave 1 (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Charge Action Heroes Wave 1
$8.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Target)


The Action Heroes line started in Super Megaforce is continuing on with Power Rangers Dino Charge! Each figure retails for about $8.99, but prices can fluctuate depending on where you purchase them. Each Action Heroes includes the figure, and one or two weapons associated with the character. The mold hasn’t really changed much since Super Megaforce, sans an added hinge on the left shoulder for the Kyoryuger’s shoulder pad design. Besides that, Dino Charge uses the same base mold that we’re all used to. Our first wave, like every year, consists of the five core Rangers: Red, Black, Blue, Green, and Pink. Each Action Hero includes their Dino Charge Morpher and the Dino Saber. Both the male and female molds are pretty great in my opinion. The molds themselves are nothing really new, but the sculpting is what I enjoy. The arms have the etched detailing, the helmets are pretty nicely sculpted, and everything on the front is nicely painted. The only sloppy paint job consists of the belt area. There is no yellow paint on the Dino Com, and the silver from the belt has a bad problem with bleeding. Other than that, I think they’re pretty great.

A lot of people are going to cry out that the figures don’t have their individual weapons, and are thus awful. To fluff out the two years of this line, Bandai is releasing the “Armed On” versions of the Dino Charge Rangers later in the line. This is the silver armored arm the Rangers get when they summon their individual weapons. It’s more or less just a marketing ploy to get people that want the weapons to buy those figures. Profit!

Overall, the figures themselves are really great! They will be available in the usual TRU exclusive six-pack with a main villain (Fury in this case) with an added Kentrospiker accessory you can’t get anywhere else. If you aren’t in any huge hurry to get these, I would recommend picking up the set, as it usually works out to be the same price with an added accessory. No matter which method you use to get the figures, I definitely recommend checking them out. Sculpts are great, poseability is pretty great for the price, and they’re just really neat.


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