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Demo: DX Mach Driver with Shift Cars and Viral Cores



As stated in my review, the Mach Driver has the insane capability to produce unique sounds for each and every Shift Car, Viral Core AND Signal Bike! Since showing off the sounds for my near complete (as of now) collection would simply take way to long (13 minutes to be close), I decided to separate the two videos. So sit back, and enjoy the lovely Japanese words used to describe all these wacky Shift Cars, and Chaser’s Viral Cores too.

I hope to get a full list of what each Shift Car and Viral Core say to add to this post, but I haven’t been able to find good documentation on what they say yet, since my ear for Japanese isn’t as good as my reading ability. Keep an eye on this post, or I might make it a page on my blog somewhere.

Note that this video only contains my collection at this time. This includes Speed, Wild, Technic, Max Flare, Funky Spike, Midnight Shadow, Justice Hunter, Massive Monster, Spin Mixer, Dimension Cab, Dream Vegas, Rumble Dump, Mad Doctor, Fire Braver, Rolling Gravity, Burning Solar, Hooking Wrecker, Chaser Bat, Chaser Spider, and Chaser Cobra. This means that (at the time of this post) Fruits, Colorful Commercial, High Speed, Bat, Spider, and Cobra are all absent. Once I obtain them and do a review, the Mach Driver sounds will be included in that video.


[youtube http://youtu.be/LWYtbk7mRgs]

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