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Review: TK07 – Kamen Rider Mach (Kamen Rider Drive)

TK07 – Kamen Rider Mach
January, 2015 – ¥3,200


Our next outing into the TK line brings our secondary Rider for the show, Kamen Rider Mach! This white and red motorcycle themed Rider takes the motif to a whole new level. It was released in January, 2015 for the usual price of ¥3,200. Included with Mach are two Kourin Signals: Magarl and Kaksarn, as well as the Zenrin Shooter. Mach has articulation in all the usual places, and the Koukan Port on his shoulder doesn’t hinder it at all thanks to being up front and out of the way. He does include the scarf Mach wears, which is attached via ball joint on the back to allow a little bit of moment. Mach’s visor gimmick is also in tact. Mine seems a little loose, and pops off easy, but the feature is there and it looks really cool to see the black and blue design underneath. Switching out the Signals is just as easy as switching Tires. Pop off the Signal, and pop a new one on. The tabs and holes do need to be lined up to get it to snap on, so it might take some spinning to line things up, but it’s certainly not hard. While changing the Signals doesn’t do much, it does make for a new look for the figure, just like in the show, so while it’s not nearly as drastic as Tire Koukans, it’s still a much necessary feature. Speaking of Tires, you can pop any of the Tires onto that same port. It looks a little goofy with Mach having a giant Tire on the front of his shoulder, but like Mashin Chaser, it allows for some huge playability bonuses that we don’t see in the show (in the show, he gets a new Kourin Signal with that Tire’s logo on it).

Overall, Mach is a pretty neat figure. I’m a little worried about yellowing, but most of my Fourze figures are still okay, so I’m not all that worried. Like Mashin Chaser, he’s a nice standalone figure to get without falling into the depth of the rabbit hole known as this line. While not my favorite figure of the line, he doesn’t have too many flaws, looks great on display, and can tap into a whole line worth of playability, even though it’s not in the show. Great move on Bandai’s part.


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